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Ultra Soft Down Comforter

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Natural Filling | 600 Fill Power | Ultra Soft |

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I absolutely love my down comforter. It’s fluffy, doesn’t make noise and keeps me warm at night. I’m really happy that I went ahead and purchased this.

Lorna C.

I grew up with down blankets and really wanted another one. This blanket is soft, beautiful, and luxurious, with tie loops on all 4 corners (so it stays inside your duvet cover properly). I ordered a medium weight but what I got is MUCH heavier than I expected. The package said "heavyweight" but then, so did the listing... and I chose the medium weight variety on the heavyweight listing. So I actually don't know if we got a heavy weight by mistake? It's very confusing. I like to keep my bedroom a brisk 57 degrees in the winter, but I'm probably going to order a lightweight blanket in addition to this one, because this "alleged" medium weight is baking me alive.

Phyllis A.

I have had this comforter on my bed for two weeks.I love the comfort and weight.
My only problem is the wrinkles. !!!! It is still VERY wrinkled.....Please advise on how to remove....

Kai K.

Very nice quality. Nicely finished. The shell is so soft you won't want a duvet cover. I like how the corner baffles were stitched and continued on the corners as well.

Jordin I.

The most DIVINE duvet ever. An absolute cloud to sleep on ? I had a Buffy duvet and it was awful and hot. This duvet is absolutely amazing.