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Graphene Temperature Regulating Heavyweight Down Comforter for Winter

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Innovative Graphene-enhanced Fabric
Temperature Regulated

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Babette G.

Sleeping has never been so blissful! I relish snuggling in my bed without any hot or cold spots and maintaining a comfortable temperature all through the night. The weight of the bedding is just perfect. I am overjoyed that I stumbled upon your website and ecstatic with the additional items I bought. I highly recommend your products.

Bonnie Steele

Loved how warm this comforter is to sleep under! The graphene fabric as it is smooth and soft!

Radha Chawla

Been a couple of nights, but I am in love! This is not too warm, not too cold. It seems to adjust perfectly to my body temperature wether I am cold, or hot, or wearing light pjs or warm pjs. I have nothing bad to say! Im beyond pleased with it!

Danny Adams

I really like the color, softness and warmth. My feet gets really cold at night and usually have to put on socks to warm up. But all I do is tuck the comforter around my feet and they warm up quickly.

Sophia Rodas

The graphene comforter is soft and warm, has a constant cozy temperature throughout the night. Worth buying!