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About Us

About Us

Who We Are Is What We Do: Puredown®


When we think of down material, we may think of geese and ducks and expensive blankets, but

what if there we told you you can have your own down experience without the expense? Or, you may even be asking “what is down?” For both of these thoughts, we have the answers! For over 20 years, we at Puredown have been at the forefront in providing comfortable, natural, certified-quality down & feather goods for bedrooms across the United States, Europe and beyond. Our philosophy is as simple as our vision; to provide only the most premium sleeping experience to our customers with only the finest, eco-friendly, responsibly-sourced Down Standard used across our diverse range of home textile products.


Love and Care for our Customers


From school days to salary days, we all know that to know something “naturally” is to love it. So, at

Puredown®, we take that philosophy of love that nature provides and put it all in to the products our customers appreciate and cherish, like our comforters, our blankets, our pillows, and all our other products. We believe that nature is a provider of everything that helps keep the world spinning, and she should therefore get a little more credit in the appreciation department! Each one of our comforters, pillows, weighted blankets, and down jackets are made with dedicated attention-to-detail,  using only ecologically-sourced, certified down and a considerable feeling of patience, just like the patience of mother earth towards mankind. This not only guarantees that none of our feathers are sourced using harmful practices, but also ensures that our business and environmental practices are as sustainable and ethical in every possible way. At every stage in the life cycle of each Puredown product, lies our commitment to eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable practices, from making sure to be using no impure water source for down preparation, no toxic chemicals for down cleaning and vacuum sealing when packaging our creations to lower the overall weight of the item, thus lowering fuel costs when it comes to shipping.


We approach every new product with the perspective of an expert at their craft. No matter the down fill of any of the products we focus on, we try to guarantee a level of warmth that helps make those who live in a warm climate just as happy as anyone in a colder climate. By making sure that our down application technology and natural work ethic go hand in hand with production methods, we can really perfect every detail of down textile design, and ensure premium softness, a lighter weight, and a superior, fairly-priced product that synthetic materials just can’t match. We also ensure our production equipment produces as little pollution as possible, and that our equipment itself is eco-friendly. We make sure to recycle our water effectively to ensure premium quality treating and cleaning to the down and thus guaranteeing a much lower impact on the environment through responsible waste and biodegradable material disposal.


We must always remember that the Earth is our home, and the animals that live on it who provide a benefit to us are just as much part of life as the sunrise and sunset. We want to make sure that our customers have confidence in our commitment to turning geese and duck feathers into blankets, comforters, pillows and so much more for families, parents, children, couples, and everyone in

between. We want you to own your own Puredown product so you too can feel a small piece of what

we feel each time we turn nature’s warmth into warmth that you, your friends and your family can enjoy, day after day.


Our Future


What does the future hold for the down textile industry? At Puredown®, we plan on bringing the

affordable down revolution to all of our customers, all over the world, and we can’t wait to be joined

by each one of our fans, every step of the way! Let’s keep moving forward and bring the warmth of

Puredown to all!

Puredown®, #Sleeponit

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