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About Puredown

Heirloom Quality Down Smallest Carbon Footprint

Our Story

Our sleep environment is critical to the quality of sleep we receive, this means that even the simplest choices like which pillow you lay your head on or which blanket you place over you before sleeping, are crucial to proper rest. Our vision is to take the cost out of a premium night’s sleep. We focus on productive innovation and using over 20 years’ experience to secure our competitive price point and ensure fair prices for our customers.  As one of the largest humane manufacturers in down industry, we believe it is a firm responsibility of ours to share our eco-friendly approach and products with you for a lower price.


Made with Love, Craftsmanship & Care

All of our passion goes into every seam and stitch of our bedding to ensure that you get the best night sleep possible.

Made with Love, Craftsmanship & Care

Our Process

When we started manufacturing our very first series of down products, we knew we had a winning formula that would provide a superior sleeping experience to all. All of this had begins at our design stage, where we sort through 15,000 tons of feathers and use pristine mineral water to ensure only the very best in quality down feathers go in to each and every comforter, pillow and blanket.


"The mattress topper is better than I expected! I love the comfort and it stays in place. My cat felt the need to jump up and down like he was on a trampoline. Thank you pure down."

- Marla H.


"I love this throw, I love that it's average body length, I love that it keeps you comfortable not hot, not cold. I feel like Goldilocks finding the perfect bed, but it's the perfect blanket."

- Suzanne S.


"I love my pillows and I love these from Puredown! I love that they from to my head... not too firm and they don't sink in too much. Highly recommend for a good night sleep!"

- Krista W.


"This is not my first down comforter, but by far the best. I absolutely, love it. Very comfortable and warm, I feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud. Definitely worth the money"

- Muneerah D.


"I had great expectations about this pillow and I'm 100% satisfied. It is very comfortable, I was used to wake up with a terrible pain in the neck and now I finally don't. Love also the fact that it is made with natural materials, I recommend this product."

- Petra C.

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