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Organic Cotton Goose Feather Bed Mattress Topper

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Natural Filling
Overfilled Feather Bed
100% Organic Cotton Fabric

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Organic Cotton

Natural Down Feather Fill

Cloud-like Fluffy

Eco-friendly Package

Why Choose Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is more than just an ethical choice. When you purchase organic cotton products, you are helping to make the planet a healthier place for everyone.

Healthier for Our Planet

Organic cotton is beneficial to the earth because it is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, genetically modified organisms, and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This results in improved soil health, reduced water usage, conservation of biodiversity, and reduced environmental impact.

Healthier for Farmers

Organic cotton farming benefits farmers by reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals, improving their health, providing economic benefits through higher profit margins and access to higher-value markets, promoting environmental sustainability, and contributing
to the social well-being of farmers and their communities.

Healthier for Yourself

Organic cotton is free of harmful chemicals, making it gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic. It is also softer, more breathable and more durable than conventional cotton, making it a perfect choice for those who want to improve their sleep health greatly.

Five-layer Construction

With five layers of extreme comfort and extra softness tucked inside this down mattress topper, you can rest assured you’ll get the best of both worlds. The unique 3-inch gusset design in the feather bed toppers ensures exceptional loft, luxurious comfort, and an extra layer of softness, making the feather mattress topper feel as soft and airy as a cloud.

Goose Feather and Down for Ultimate Comfort

Comprised of a 5% goose down and 95% goose feather layer at the bottom and 100% premium poly filling as the top layer, the feather mattress toppers boast a quality construction. This blend in the feather bed topper promotes cozy comfort, exceptional loft, and downy softness for a night of cozy sleep.

Premium Fabric for Optimal Air Circulation

The feather down mattress toppers feature a 300 thread count with a 100% organic cotton casing, which is an eco-friendly and breathable material. The sheet layered between the polyfill and fluffy feathers in the mattress feather toppers prevents leakage or intermixing of the fill.

Special Elastic Straps

The corner straps are designed to keep your feather toppers for beds securely in place on the mattress, preventing any unwanted movement as you twist and turn throughout the night. Say goodbye to restless nights and welcome a peaceful sleeping experience.

Eco-friendly Canvas Storage Bag

This feather down mattress topper comes with a zippered canvas storage, which is durable and breathable to keep your bed linen clean and fresh.

This exquisitely designed canvas bag also makes the feather topper mattress a great choice for gift-giving.


Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Marv N
Believe the Hype

This thing is next level. Yes, it feel like sleeping on a cloud. Was sold out for weeks. I ordered as soon as I saw they were back in stock. If you're on the fence, get off the fence.

Michael Piturro
To soft for me

Quality is excellent thou..

Sleeping on a cloud

Beautiful presentation. Arrived quick. Comfy like sleeping on a cloud

Lynn D.
Sleeping better …

Excellent product.

kayla Gelsomino
Down topper

Great, it is of very good quality.
Super well made and comfortable.