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Bedding Basics: How to Fluff a Pillow

Bedding Basics: How to Fluff a Pillow

Your pillow, a bedding essential, is so much more than a surface to rest your head on. It’s the key to a restful retreat at the end of the day, which can be hard to attain if you use a flat pillow. Flat pillows are not ideal for your neck or back. They can throw your spine out of alignment, causing headaches, migraines, and difficulty sleeping. You can enhance your bedding comfort for extra softness and an extended pillow life by fluffing your pillows as part of your bedding maintenance routine.

Fluffing a sleeping pillow is simple and can make a huge difference in your quality of sleep. Whether you choose from types of pillows made with natural down or a blend of down and feathers, fluffing your pillow will help prevent it from going flat and quickly losing its shape. We’ll run you through the simple steps of keeping your pillows fluffy and inviting.

Fluffing Your Pillow by Hand

Hand fluffing is a great way to keep your pillow looking and feeling fresh. Hand fluffing a pillow involves holding the pillow at both ends and compressing and releasing it. This step should be repeated for 30 to 60 seconds on each side of the pillow to ensure the pillow lofts to its fullest.

An alternative method for fluffing pillows is pressing the pillow with your fists to break up lumps. You can also try to fluff your pillows by massaging each lump individually or kneading them gently. Any of these options should fully expand your pillow within a few minutes of fluffing.

Easily Fluff Pillows in the Dryer

If you want to rejuvenate and freshen up your pillows, fluffing them up in the dryer is a very common and effective procedure. However, before you toss your pillows into the dryer, it is essential to ensure that the pillows are dryer-friendly. Read the care instructions before tossing your pillow into the dryer, and make sure it’s safe for drying in a washing machine. It is essential to remember that machine-drying a pillow that is not meant for the dryer can cause it to wear down more quickly, leaving you with a lumpy, worn-down pillow that won’t be as comfortable.

When fluffing your pillows in the dryer, remember to use low heat to prevent damage. It is recommended that you only place two pillows per load to achieve maximum loft when fluffing your pillows in the dryer.

To help your down and feather pillows loft, you can also add a couple of clean tennis balls or dryer balls to the dryer.

Sunbathing for Rejuvenation

Putting your pillow out in a warm, sunny spot is the easiest way to restore its fluffiness and prevent its filling from clumping. As a result of frequent use, pillows tend to accumulate moisture, which can lead to lumps and unpleasant odors. You can let your pillow sit under direct sunlight for a couple of hours to get rid of any accumulated moisture and unpleasant odors. It’s important to make sure the weather isn’t humid outside when you plan to sun-soak your pillows.

When your pillows feel warm and fresh, you can take them back to your room and fluff them by hand to help them regain their loft.

Is It Time To Replace Your Pillow?

Feather and down pillows are an important aspect of bed décor and usually last for up to 5-10 years when properly cared for. Pillows that lay flat after washing and repeated fluffing indicate that they are past their prime. One of our previous blogs, How to Care For Your Pillows, provides detailed instructions on how to maintain your pillows for a longer lifespan.

A Little Pillow Talk

Your pillow has a life of its own, and sometimes you simply have to give it a little love. Some basic steps, like using a pillow cover or pillow protector, can help ensure that your pillow is protected from spills and general wear and tear. The loft of your plush bedtime companion can be enjoyed by gently fluffing it at regular intervals.

Puredown provides long-lasting, quality bedding and premium comfort for your one-of-a-kind sleeping experience. We’ve spent years perfecting our pillows, so you can get the right amount of support and fluffy comfort every time you hit the hay. Featuring a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from, there is something for everyone. Visit our online store today and discover the luxurious loft and comfort of Puredown pillows!

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