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Experience Cozy Luxury: 5 Reasons Why the Puredown UltraFeather Blanket Is a Must-Have

Experience Cozy Luxury: 5 Reasons Why the Puredown UltraFeather Blanket Is a Must-Have

Whether you are watching the sun go down with friends or curling up for a nap in your backyard hammock chair, or simply hunched over your laptop on the sofa trying to meet your deadlines, the Puredown UltraFeather Blanket has what it takes to make all of your laidback lounging dreams come true. With the comfort of a feather blanket, you will be able to enjoy a very peaceful sleep without having to spend much on the luxuries of life. The warmth of the feather blanket on a dreamy night is as good as laying or snuggling your body in a bag of clouds; can you imagine anything more relaxing and comforting? Here are five reasons you should invest in the bedding staple: Puredown UltraFeather Blanket now and indulge in total rejuvenation.

Natural UltraFeather Blanket, Down Throw Blanket 50" x 70" Soft Peach Skin Fabric

100% Peach Skin Fabric

In order to maximize the versatility of the down feather blanket, it is necessary that the outer fabric cover should be such that it can be well coordinated with any environment. The feather blanket features a 100% peach skin fabric cover, which is highly durable, luxuriously soft, moisture-wicking, and dries quickly, making it the perfect fabric cover for use in a variety of settings. Peach skin fabric is known to have anti-microbial properties and is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Taking it on outdoor adventures will always be a safe and enjoyable experience since it is exceptionally durable. Due to its moisture-wicking properties and ability to dry quickly, the fluffy comforter blanket is appropriate for use in any season or weather.

Natural Feather Down Fill

The premium quality of the Puredown UltraFeather Blanket makes it the perfect addition to any bedroom. It can be used as a decorative throw on your sofa or chair or even as an extra layer of warmth when camping. The feather filled comforter blanket is a luxurious, all-season feather blanket that provides exceptional warmth and comfort. This heirloom quality luxury down and feather blend blanket is crafted from 70% UltraFeather or quill-free natural feathers and 30% down. As the name implies, Ultra Feather is an extra step to remove the solid feather quill, resulting in a sensation of luxury and softness similar to that of pure down. This lovely blend offers you the perfect balance of softness, cloud-like loft, all-natural comfort, and consistent warmth, whether you are snuggled on your bed or hiking your way under the sun.

Sewn Through Construction

In terms of the design of the feather fiber blanket, it boasts a sewn-through style, which is one of the most commonly used and popular methods of construction of bedding. Using this technique, the feather down blanket is created with sealed pockets, ensuring that the fill is dispersed consistently throughout. This ensures that you will remain warm and comfortable as you use the blanket. This type of construction facilitates a small amount of heat to escape from the stitched lines, making this bedding product a hit choice for hot sleepers.

Machine Washable

These excellent quality comforter blankets are easy to maintain and do not require much effort. A gentle cycle is recommended when washing it in cold water. Additionally, it dries quickly, so you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on it. Ensure that you fluff your blanket regularly or on a daily basis to maintain and restore its fluffy warm goodness. In this way, the fill will be distributed more evenly, and maximum loft will be ensured


Feather blankets are used for everyday purposes as well as outdoor activities like picnics, mountaineering, and camping, among others. The ultra-soft materials make this down feather blanket the epitome of comfort and the perfect companion to keep you warm at home or on the go. Since this feather filling blanket is lightweight and easy to carry around, these feather blankets are apt for everyday use – you can use them on a spring day or in a warmer climate for light warmth when it’s still cool or a cold night in conjunction with a heavy down comforter for elevated warmth. A versatile feather blanket, just like the name itself, can be used in all weather, at all times of the year!

Comes in a Wide Range of Colors and Patterns

Bring a touch of serenity to your bedding decor with our wide range of down feather blankets, available in 9 colors and patterns. No matter your mood or setting, these feather and down blankets blend well with any bedroom color scheme and improve your decor or bedding style in an instant. They come in the below prints and colors: Navy, Khaki, Grey, Light Blue, Chocolate, Red, Lavender, Checkered – Blue and White, and Checkered – Black and White.

Natural UltraFeather Blanket, Down Throw Blanket 50" x 70" Soft Peach Skin Fabric

Final Thoughts

The down and feather blankets at Puredown are made from durable materials that are designed to keep you warm and comfortable for years to come. Featuring heirloom quality materials and superior thread count fabrics, our throw blankets bring warmth and style to your bedrooms. Choose from a wide selection of down and down alternative products, all in a variety of sizes tailored to your preferences. Take a look at our online store now!

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