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Organic Cotton Goose Feather Bed Mattress Topper

How to Care for a Feather Bed Mattress Topper

Soft and inviting, a feather bed is a key component of a plush, comfortable bed. Feather bed mattress toppers are the ideal choice for any mattress that needs a bit of cushioning and support. Feather beds are fluffy bed casings filled with high-quality feathers which create an additional layer of support and boost in comfort that cradles pressure points, contouring to your body shape for a comfortable sleep experience. 

Feather beds are popular because they are made to last. You can expect your feather bed to last anywhere between 8 to 10 years. However, you must ensure that you maintain it consistently to be certain that your feather bed lasts as long as possible. The following are some tips for taking care of your plush feather topper, so you can enjoy years of soothing rest.

How Often Should I Clean My Mattress Topper?

Your plush companion comes to you bearing nothing but unending support, the perfect balance between softness and additional padding comfort. Unlike sheets, you don’t have to wash your feather mattress topper every week. And while it’s tempting to clean your mattress topper more often, frequent cleaning can actually shorten its lifespan. Ideally, feather beds should be washed once a year. Spot cleaning spills and stains as soon as they occur can be helpful in order to make sure that your mattress topper remains clean and fresh throughout the year.

It is advisable to pair your feather mattress topper with a feather bed protector or feather bed cover to further protect it from minor spills. In addition to reducing the number of times you have to clean the mattress, a mattress protector also adds extra cushioning.

Caring for Your Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is a convenient way to enhance the comfort of your mattress, as well as extend its lifetime. With so many benefits to sleeping on your mattress toppers, it’s important to ensure that you are able to get the most use out of it. Hence, we’ve come up with some quick fixes to help you sleep better without the hassle of putting up with lengthy cleaning routines.

Shake Your Feather Bed Regularly

It’s a great idea to gently shake and rotate your feather bed periodically. Regular fluffing up your feather bed will help to keep all of the feathers distributed evenly throughout the topper. There is a common wear pattern on entire feather beds, and the majority of it is concentrated in a few pressure points. By rotating your feather bed, you avoid prolonged wear on a particular section, thus extending the longevity of your topper.

Spot Cleaning a Feather Bed Mattress Topper

Regular spot cleaning, as needed, is the best way to expand the life of your down mattress topper. To clean the fabric of your feather bed, move the feathers away from the area and gently dab it with a damp cloth. If necessary, you can use a mild detergent and a soft brush to clean dirt or stains from the fabric. Before using the topper, ensure that it has dried completely.

Soak in the Sun

Humidity and sweat can wear down a feather bed mattress topper. For a refresh, take the mattress topper outside in the sun. Place a flat sheet on a table and put the entire mattress topper on top of it, or hang your feather mattress topper over a clothesline. Make sure to look for lumps and odor on your comfortable bed topper, as these are signs of dampness. It is also important to shake the topper gently before using it again to ensure that the feathers are evenly distributed. 

For extra disinfection and hygiene, gently spray the topper with a mix of water and white vinegar. The mattress topper should only be misted, not soaked. A sun-soaked hour or two will do wonders for freshness and fluff.

Full Cleaning a Feather Bed Mattress Topper

For the once-a-year cleaning, most feather beds will come with “Dry Clean Only” care instructions. Make sure you request professional laundering instead of the traditional dry cleaning. This will treat the fabric and filler with more delicacy and fewer chemicals. If possible, you should find an organic dry cleaner.

The Luxury of a Puredown Feather Bed

Feather beds are an investment for your home. However, as with any warm relationship, maintenance is key when it comes to keeping it happy and healthy. Check for holes, tears, and spots regularly. Fluffing the down periodically will help keep it soft and plump while ensuring balance of softness and comfort for years to come.

When it comes to sleep, Puredown is always on a quest for better quality and comfort. Upgrade your experience with a premium mattress topper that is made to last. Puredown’s premium feather-fill mattress topper combines quality and a soft layer of comfort in one package. Our mattress toppers are made with premium feather fill and are shelled in breathable cotton cover to deliver excellent quality and maximum comfort. So, if you think your mattress needs an upgrade or extra padding, try one of our premium mattress toppers and get the rest you’ve always dreamed of.

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