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Light on Weight, Heavy on Comfort: Puredown’s Luxurious Oversized Bedding

Light on Weight, Heavy on Comfort: Puredown’s Luxurious Oversized Bedding

Remember browsing Pinterest for hours to find décor ideas for your bedroom? We’ve all been there! Among the coziest and most gorgeous bedding patterns we’ve found, oversized bedding is usually a style that’s always inviting, waiting to envelop you into a blissful, cloud-like slumber. 

Your personal space revolves around your bed. The comfort of coming home to soft pillows and an oversized blanket is indescribable. Oversized blankets can make your bed look taller; the layers and folds around the corners blend to provide the ultimate cozy aesthetic!

Puredown’s oversized down blanket combines style and functionality without sacrificing either. Our easy-to-manage oversized bedding is lightweight, so you can enjoy the style, ease, and quality you’ve been searching for. Let’s take a look at why oversized down blankets are our favorite bedroom staple!

There Is Always Room for More!

Because of their large sizes, oversized blankets are a huge hit with our customers. If you have experienced the challenge of an endless blanket tug of war with your partner while sleeping, you are not alone. Unlike standard size blankets, oversized blankets always have more room. As a result, you can comfortably share your blanket with more people.

Typically, an oversized comforter or blanket covers your entire bed. It can be placed on your mattress as well as on your pillows to provide a layer of additional protection. The large size also prevents the blanket from slipping off your bedding blanket bedspread, making it easier to manage and make your bed every morning!

Add a Dramatic Statement to Your Bedroom

Extra-large bedding can add a dramatic statement to your bedroom. In addition to providing exceptional warmth and protecting your mattresses, oversized bedding is also an excellent choice for elegant bedrooms. A tastefully curated set of oversized bedding will enhance the appearance of your boudoir.

Puredown’s Oversized Lightweight Down Blanket features satin trim along the edges. The smooth finish of satin adds a minimal yet luxurious look to the blanket as the edges hang around the bed. Throw over colorful bedding accessories in a curated color pattern or matching shams to truly bind together your bedroom décor. 

Oversized Blanket, Oversized Comfort

Designed for ultimate comfort, Puredown’s oversized down blanket features a sewn-through box stitch construction to prevent the fill from clumping. With a 100% cotton cover and 300 thread count, this comforter ensures breathability and reduced fill leakage. The smooth touch and lightweight nature add to its versatility. Available in four elegant and beautiful colors, this oversized blanket is sure to upgrade your dream bedding to the next level.

What is style without quality? In order to ensure that you only receive high-quality bedding products, we put our passion for quality bedding into every stitch and seam of our products. Puredown combines the finest of nature with innovative technologies to create products that last for years.

Final Thoughts

Styling a bedroom is a very personal journey, you want to put things there that make you feel safe as you drift off to sleep or read a book! Oversized bedroom décor has the potential to transform your safe haven into a cozy retreat. 

For a look that is both elegant and cohesive, pair your oversized bedding with the right mattress and bed frame. Bigger pillows and a uniform color scheme also help elevate the overall appearance of your bedroom. And for a touch of comfort and plush, Puredown has got you covered in the warmest way possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I choose the right oversized blanket for my bed?
    Finding the right bedding to match your bed has been a challenge for shoppers. You can easily determine if a blanket or comforter bedding will fit your mattress by comparing the dimensions. Most mattresses have standard mattress size labels attached to them.
  • What is the difference between oversized bedding and custom-sized bedding?
    Oversized bedding refers to beddings that are larger than the standard size. Custom-sized bedding refers to personalized bedding that is created specifically for you upon request. The choice between custom-sized or oversized bedding depends on your taste, budget, and bedroom.
  • Should we put a duvet cover on our down blanket?
    People can choose to put a duvet cover on their oversized blanket, but we won’t recommend it, as our blankets do not have corner loops.
  • What do oversized bedding options include?
    Depending on the size and style, oversized bedding is available in several varieties in the market. You can create the ultimate tall, oversized cozy bedding by combining a fitted flat sheet, oversized pillows, European shams, bedspreads, the coolest duvet, and oversized comforters.
  • What is the largest size bed?
    The Alaskan King size mattress measuring 108 by 108 inches is considered to be the largest bed size.
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