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Mastering the Art of Duvet Dressing: Two Effortless Methods to Put on a Duvet Cover

Mastering the Art of Duvet Dressing: Two Effortless Methods to Put on a Duvet Cover

Putting on your duvet cover can sometimes be challenging. In many cases, it is perceived as a daunting task, which can seem time-consuming and an intricate process, but this certainly doesn’t need to be the case. Here are two easy ways or expert methods to put on your linen duvet cover without breaking a sweat: the ‘Turn Inside Out’ method and the ‘California Roll’ method.

Method 1: The ‘Turn Inside Out’ Method

Also called the Corner-to-Corner technique, this traditional or popular method to ace your bedding game does not require any special tools or skills, and it is straightforward. These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Turn Your Duvet Cover Inside Out: Lay the duvet cover flat on your bed, with its opening at the foot of the bed. Then, turn the cover inside out and reach the top two corners inside.
  2. Attach the Corners: With your hands inside the duvet cover, grasp the top two corners of the duvet insert itself.
  3. Pull the Duvet Through: Holding tightly, pull the duvet cover down over the duvet. Now, give it a good shake until the duvet fills out the cover.
  4. Seal it Up: Once the duvet is fully inside the cover, you simply have to close up the bottom. This can be done with buttons, zips, or ties, depending on what your amazing duvet cover has.

Congratulations, you’ve now mastered the ‘Turn Inside-Out Technique’!

Method 2: The ‘California Roll’ Method

The California Roll or Burrito method is fun, quick, and surprisingly simple to achieve a cohesive arrangement for your well-made bed design if you’re looking for a new challenge or if the first method didn’t work for you. To do this design style, follow these steps:

  1. Lay Out the Duvet Cover: Again, start with the duvet cover inside out, but this time, lay it on the bed with the opening at the head of the bed or the foot of the bed frame.
  2. Place the Duvet On Top: Lay your duvet flat on top of the cover.
  3. Begin Rolling: From the head of the bed, start rolling the duvet and the duvet cover together like a burrito.
  4. Flip and Turn: Once you’ve reached the foot of the bed or near the bed skirt, flip the duvet cover openings back around the ‘burrito’ to encase the duvet. This might feel a bit strange, but keep going!
  5. Unroll: Simply unroll your burrito back toward the head of the bed. Your duvet should be perfectly encased inside the cover.

And there you have it – the ‘California Roll’ Method.

By mastering these two methods, you can transform a chore and an elusive technique into an effortless part of your laundry routine. This way, you can easily create an appealing arrangement or level up your layering bedding game. With practice, you will surely achieve a neat appearance over time. Plus, they’re so easy that you could even teach them to the kids. So, go ahead: refresh your linen bedding into an inviting space with linen sheets, extra blankets, or decorative pillow covers, revive your room with a cohesive appearance, and get that duvet cover on with confidence!

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