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The Definitive Guide to Pillow Sizes

The Definitive Guide to Pillow Sizes

A good night’s rest is essential to optimal health and healing. One of the most important factors determining your comfort through the night is the pillow you sleep on. Pillows work together with your lifestyle and sleeping habits to offer a comfortable night’s sleep. Your ideal pillow is supposed to provide you with adequate support and promote proper alignment of your body.

Why Is Choosing the Right Pillow Size Important?

A healthy sleep cycle promotes productivity and contributes to overall wellbeing. A good set of bedding plays an integral role in ensuring a restorative sleep cycle. Pillows vary in terms of fill, sizes, and utilization. Ideally, a pillow should conform to your head and neck, and facilitate cervical alignment.

When it comes to selecting pillows; filling, loft, utilization, and price are usually the primary deciding factors, but size plays a crucial role. Your ideal type of pillow should be compatible with the proportions of your bed and your personal preferences. Smaller-sized pillows may not provide adequate coverage for a restless sleeper or those who shift their sleeping position when asleep, while larger pillows may seem overpowering on a smaller bed.

The aesthetic décor of a bedroom is also highly dependent on the proportions of your bedding. As you consider your options, take into account your bed dimensions. A mismatched pillow arrangement may hamper the decorous appeal of your bedroom. To get an accurate idea of what will work best with your taste, we recommend matching the pillow dimensions with the mattress size. 

From Standard to King, and Everything in Between

Start your journey towards a good night’s sleep by choosing the best pillow that suits your needs. The amount of support a pillow provides is closely related to its size, so make sure that you choose one that will fit the space you want to put it in. Pillow sizes can vary to suit your personal preferences and needs. Here is a run-down of the most common pillow sizes, what they are suitable for, and how to find the perfect pillow size for you!

Standard Size Pillows:

The most popular choice among buyers, standard-size or full beds measuring 54 inches x 74 inches are compact. These common size beds can usually accommodate two standard pillows. A standard pillow measures 20 inches x 26 inches. The look of this bed size can also be complemented with a queen pillow for added comfort.

Queen Size Pillows:

Queen beds measure 80 inches x 60 inches and are bigger than standard-sized bedding. Pillows measuring 20 inches x 30 inches complement queen-size beds. Queen-sized pillows are bigger and often loftier than standard pillows. 

King Size Pillows:

King beds are wide, measuring 80 inches x 76 inches. King pillows measure 20 inches x 36 inches to complement the wide frame of a king mattress. A king pillowcase has a large frame, making these pillows ideal for pairing with smaller decorative pillows or accent pillows.

Body Pillows:

Each sleeping style requires a different type of pillow. Body pillows are usually long pillows that are used for some added comfort. These pillows vary in shape and are chosen according to the sleeper’s preference. Body pillows contour to the sleeper’s body and relieve pressure while encouraging a healthy spinal alignment. Side sleepers, pregnant women, and those with orthopedic issues can benefit from these pillows.

Pillow Sizes  Measurement (in inches)
Standard  20 inches x 26 inches
Queen  20 inches x 30 inches
King  20 inches x 36 inches
Functional Pillows   Measurement (in inches)
Body Pillow  27 inches x 56 inches
Standard Size, Queen Size (Memory Foam)  20 inches x 28 inches
King Size (Memory Foam)  20 inches x 36 inches

A Little Pillow Talk

Explore the artistry of size when you add a couple of different pillow sizes to your bed. Adding a variety of sizes of pillows to your bed will bring color, interest, and fun to your room. Decorative pillows are also called throw pillows and are used to spruce up the decorative accent of your bed. These pillows serve decorative purposes on sofas or reading couches too! 

A right size pillowcase can give your room a pleasing visual appeal. When paired with decorative sham pillows, they’ll add a touch of color to your space. Additionally, the shams act as a pillow protector, extending the life of your pillows.

Final Thoughts

One can be a stomach sleeper, active sleeper, or combination sleeper; as our choices grow more specific, the variety of pillows grows as well. Gussetted pillows, lumbar pillows, boudoir pillow, square pillows are some types of pillows that show the extensive selection of pillows available. 

Selecting the right pillow is a matter of personal preference. Your pillow selection can make a world of difference when you understand the minute details. Transform your room into a nest of comfort with a wide variety of pillows. Whether you’re looking for something to rest your head against or to simply cuddle, the options in Puredown are endless. Find your plush comfort in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and other details so you can experience comfort and support no matter how you want to sleep.

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