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Who are we is what we do: Puredown

For over 20 years, Puredown has been at the forefront in providing comfortable, natural, certified-quality down & feather goods for bedrooms across the United States, Europe and beyond. Our philosophy is as simple as our vision; to provide only the most premium sleeping experience to our customers with only the finest, responsibly-sourced Down Standard used across our diverse range of home textile products. To this end, we guarantee that our guidelines regarding our eco-friendly materials are upheld to the strictest, most professional standards of care and attention-to-detail to ensure sleep becomes something to look forward to again!


Our Process

When we started manufacturing our very first series of down products, we knew we had a winning formula that would provide a superior sleeping experience to all. All of this had begins at our design stage, where we sort through 15,000 tons of feathers and use pristine mineral water to ensure only the the very best in quality down feathers go in to each and every comforter, pillow and weighted blanket.
From our numerous, close-knit factory spaces in Europe and Asia we then ensure the same level of high-quality European precision extends across the USA and into the homes of the American family.


What do we believe?

Safeguarding the environment is crucial to us at Puredown. We rely heavily on eco-friendly methods of production from beginning to end to ensure we leave behind the smallest possible carbon footprint. We also adhere to the global “Responsible Down Standard”, an independent, voluntary standard aiming to ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have not been subjected to an unnecessary harm.


Where is our raw material from?

All of our down and feather material comes from healthy geese and ducks from only the most highly-trusted sources and from sources which follow the globally-accepted RDS certification. To maximize cleanliness and minimize harmful substances, we adopt high temperature disinfection protocols rather than using previously-common chemical treatment to sterilize raw materials. This method is not only more efficient with regards to our production process, but also helps ensure that no possible allergenic reactions can occur from contact with chemicals.
To ensure our down and feather materials maintain our strict standard of quality, we spent a considerable amount of time searching for ideal locations for our European and Asian production bases, ones that could provide the material necessary to produce the best. One of our production bases is located on the banks of the Vltava River in the pristine Czech countryside. The Vltava River provides exactly the high-quality water needed to ensure our down and feather products maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Puredown, sleep on it.