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Bedroom Accessories You Can Trust: Coverlet Sets

Bedroom Accessories You Can Trust: Coverlet Sets

Your bedroom should be a place to relax and get the restful sleep your body needs. To make sure this is the case, you need to surround yourself with comfort and style. Bedroom accessories are important in creating a soothing and calming space in your home. From bedside tables to rugs to throw blankets and bedside lamps, you can upgrade the look of your bedroom with just the right style accents by handpicking each item that best suits your style.

When it comes to adding comfort to your sleep zone, choosing the correct coverlet set is an aesthetic piece of bedding accessory that can elevate the look and feel of your bedroom. Therefore, we are dedicating this entire blog to how you can upgrade the style of your sanctuary with coverlets.

A Sumptuous Layer of Comfort

A coverlet is a decorative bedspread or bed linen, usually used on top of a blanket. It can be used during the winter as an extra blanket for an added layer of warmth or during the summer months on your flat sheet to add a fun patterned look to your bedding. Coverlets are great for decorating your home and adding a touch of personality to help define your style.

Bring a touch of elegance to your bedroom space decor with a coverlet. An elegant bedspread works on top of your comforter or bed sheet set or as an alternative to a blanket to keep you warm during the colder months. Adding a coverlet to your bed enhances both comfort and style so that you can sleep as fabulous as you look.

3-Piece Coverlet Set Lightweight Quilted Bed Coverlet Set with Pillow Shams

3-Piece Coverlet Set Lightweight Quilted Bed Coverlet Set with Pillow Shams

At Puredown, we work hard to bring luxury, functionality, and style to life. This 3-piece lightweight coverlet set is designed to be practical, complementing any style while also feeling luxuriously soft. Our bedding layer set includes a decadent bedspread and two perfectly tailored pillow shams.

A gorgeous, 100% polyester quilt set with all the comfort and elegance you have been looking for. The set is made from a premium quality, soft, fade-resistant, and lightweight material that provides you with a supremely cozy bedding experience.

Ideal as an all-season or year-round use bedspread, this bedding set is a great choice for hot sleepers and can be used as a standalone coverlet in the warmer months or paired with a bed comforter during cooler months. Featuring premium craftsmanship, this beautiful selection of bedding features bound-edges or sided stitching trim details on the all-size bedspread and pillow shams, offering a tailored look that is sure to impress.

You can make your bedroom stand out with a striking combination of captivating textures and vibrant colors, complementing rustic bedding ideas or adding a pop of color to your room with the beautiful quilt bed coverlet set.

Maintaining Your Luxury Addition

Coverlets are incredibly easy to care for because they are lightweight and thin. Monthly washing will help keep it in good shape and prolong its life. The label on your coverlet will indicate if it should be washed by hand or in the machine or whether it must be dry cleaned.

The Puredown three-piece coverlet is machine washable for ease of care. Wash it on a gentle cycle while following the care instructions listed on the tag.

Re-inspire Your Love for Comfort With Puredown

Whether your style is elegant, modern, or relaxed – we’ve got you covered. The Puredown family is passionate about creating luxurious types of bedding options that elevate your comfort and style. We carry a wide range of beautiful bedding essentials, from sheets, duvet insert or comforters, and duvet covers to pillows and mattresses that are as comfortable and stylish as they are functional. Our range of bedding essentials and accessories is carefully tailored with meticulous craftsmanship to provide an elevated experience for any style of sleeper.

Combining our carefully tailored bedding items with a dedication to sourcing high-quality materials, we are sure to re-inspire your love for comfort. Visit our online store today!

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