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Everything You Need To Know About Comforter Construction

Everything You Need To Know About Comforter Construction

When you make a bed, you probably don’t think about how the quilt or comforter that sits atop your flat sheet or fitted sheet is made. The truth is, there’s more to your bedding set than what meets the eye. The construction of a comforter is essential to its function and performance. Different types of construction or stitching have their benefits, and knowing how each style of comforter is constructed will help you choose the best one for you. Explore this guide to learn all about comforter construction and what each construction can do for your sleep.

Understanding the World of Better Sleep

Puredown’s goal is to provide you with the best comforters that are crafted to endure years of use. This means we use only premium cotton and polyester outer fabric shells and Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified down or superior quality synthetic fill for our comforters.

Puredown majorly uses two types of sewing or construction techniques on every comforter we make, ensuring your fill stays in place while maintaining the comforter’s temperature. Two of the most popular stitching techniques are sewn-through and baffle box. To gain a better understanding of these two construction styles, let’s take a deeper look at each closely.

Baffle-Box Construction

Baffle Box Construction

Baffle box construction is the most effective method of distributing down fill across the comforter to eliminate cold spots and improve the loft. The baffle box design utilizes thin strips of fabric sewn between the top and bottom shell that create a 3D chamber. This helps to prevent down clusters from clumping together, so that body heat can be dispersed as evenly as possible throughout the entire comforter. By creating an even distribution of warmth, baffle box comforters ensure that you’re comfortable in your bed no matter what temperature it is outside.

Advantages of the Baffle Box Construction Method

  • Prevents heat loss by trapping more air.
  • Higher loft/fluffy comforter.
  • Ensures that the inner filling does not shift or clump.
  • Enhances breathability of the comforter.
  • Reduces cold spots.

Puredown Luxury White Goose Down Comforter with Baffle Box Construction

Puredown Luxury White Goose Down Comforter with Baffle Box Construction

The Puredown Luxury Goose Down Comforter is made with a sumptuous 800-fill power white goose down. This comforter has been designed with baffle-box construction that keeps the filling evenly distributed, so you never feel a cold spot, extra weight or lump in your bed.

Shelled in a light, breathable pure cotton casing with a thread count of 400, this baffle construction goose-down feather comforter feels luxurious and extremely soothing. For increased softness and cozy comfort, our heavyweight winter comforter contains 93% white goose down and 7% white goose feather.

Sewn-Through Construction


Sewn-through construction is one of the most common design methods of making a comforter. When you buy a comforter with this feature, both the top and bottom layers of fabric are sewn together using continuous rows of stitching that create sealed “pockets” that contain the fill. The sewn-through method allows some heat to escape along the stitch lines, allowing hot sleepers to enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

Advantages of the Sewn-through Method

  • A great option for hot-sleepers.
  • Compared to baffle box construction, it is cost-effective.
  • The fill stays in place because of secure stitches.

Ultra Lightweight Cooling Down Comforter

Ultra Lightweight Cooling Down Comforter

This down comforter is shelled in lightweight and wrinkle-resistant 85% premium polyester and 15% cotton. This sumptuous Puredown comforter is composed of 75% white duck down and 25% white duck feather. The sewn-through construction on the fluffy comforter keeps the duvet insert filling evenly distributed, preventing shifting or lumping over time. 260 premium thread count assures great quality and reduced down leakage.

This silky-smooth comforter has a soft, fluffy feel and an elegant quilting pattern that enhances your bedroom aesthetic while preventing the fill from shifting. The lightweight summer comforter features two strips of mesh fabric that encourage air circulation, keeping you cool and dry during hot summer nights. The all-season weight of this down comforter makes it a perfect choice for year-round use.

Puredown: Making Your Bed the Best Part of Your Day

At first glance, you may think that all comforters are essentially the same. While this may be partially true, it is not entirely so. The fact is, every single comforter is different and comes in a varied choice of colors designed to meet specific needs. A comforter is a significant purchase and should be selected with care. Your personal preferences, as well as the space where you will use your comforter, are important factors to consider when shopping for one. The style of construction depends on your individual taste, and we hope our brief guide made it easier for you to select one that best suits your needs.

At Puredown, We love bringing you the best bedding possible. Our meticulously crafted bedding is designed to make you feel comfortable, cozy, and ready to relax. We combine the best of comfort, beauty, and value to create a bedding experience you will treasure night after night. Entirely designed to bring you a better night’s sleep, our bedding collections feature high-quality materials, beautiful aesthetics, and craftsmanship that last a lifetime. Visit our online store today!

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