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Create a Zen Bedroom With the Puredown Quilted Coverlet Set and Shams

Create a Zen Bedroom With the Puredown Quilted Coverlet Set and Shams

There is no better way to unwind and relax than in your own bedroom. Your bedding is your escape from the chaotic world out there – a nirvana of comfort and a sanctuary you go to every day to rejuvenate, relax and de-stress. When you get into bed at night, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your bedding is comfortable. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary for rest and relaxation; therefore, selecting only the best bedding accessories is a must.

Striking the ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality is the key to creating the perfect bedroom. The right lighting fixtures will ensure a cozy atmosphere whenever you are in the mood for some alone time, while bedding accessories such as bedspreads and pillows will add more personality to your space. One such way to elevate your bedroom decor in an instant is through the addition of stylish coverlet sets. Puredown’s 3-Piece Quilted Bed Coverlet Set with Shams is a great way to amp up your bedding style with minimal effort. A perfect layering piece, read on why you must buy it.

3 Piece Coverlet Set Lightweight Quilted Bed Coverlet Set with Pillow Shams


A versatile piece of layering, the quilted bed coverlet set can be styled in different ways to maximize its utilization. Looking for an extra layer to keep you warm in the spring without giving up summer’s airiness? This 3-piece quilt bedding set is a great choice to enjoy a bedroom retreat, whether you’re a hot sleeper or cold sleeper. It can also be used as an additional layer of bedding along with a heavy down comforter on cold winter nights or in cooler months as you drift off to deep sleep, cuddling in its subtle warmth. Alternatively, you can place it at the foot of the bed or layered on top of your bed skirt to spruce up your bedspread in a flash.

Comes in Captivating Colors and Textures

An eye-catching bedspread adds a pop of color to any bedroom space. It is available in a breathtaking style and combination of eleven gorgeous textures and an array of colors to align with any modern bedroom design. From the deep blues in the geometrical pattern to the pastel pink in the floral style to the rich yellow in the minimalist grid pattern, this bedspread quilt provides a harmonious complement to any room décor. Featuring a mix of eleven different textures, you’ll find both warm and cool tones to select from, creating a visual interest that will add a sense of contemporary trend, sophistication, and style to your bedroom.

Available in Popular Sizes

This high-grade quality product is perfect for any bedroom setting to create interesting or casual decorating styles. Its unique design and product details will add a new dimension to your bedroom decor. Our premium quality bed blanket quilt set is available in three sizes: twin size, full/queen size, and king size. So, you can be sure your bed is covered no matter the size of your mattress or frame.

  • Twin Size Coverlet Set includes one coverlet and one matching pillow sham.
  • Full/Queen and King Size Coverlet Sets include one coverlet and two matching shams.

100% Premium Polyester Fill and Fabric

Made using 100% premium polyester fabric, the quilt set is lightweight enough that it won’t weigh you down when you toss and turn at night. The premium polyester fabric makes it a soft, lightweight, and durable material.

Your sweetest dreams will come true with this bed quilt set. The exquisitely soft and lofty 100% premium poly-composed coverlet set offers cozy warmth and snuggly softness, ideal to lull you into a dreamy slumber.

Ease of Use

If you’re looking for a gift that’s sure to please but still want something that will be simple to care for, this is it. This coverlet set is machine washable on a gentle cycle in cold water, keeping it soft and fluffy without extra effort on your part. Dry it under the sun for quick use. It’s also lightweight and compact, making it the perfect travel companion wherever you go!

Final Words

It’s important for us at Puredown to pay attention to the little things. The aesthetics and construction of our products are equally important to us. Every Puredown product is designed to ensure quality, comfort, and a good night’s sleep. To make sure that you receive a product that will perform for years, our products go through extensive testing, including washing and material testing for harmful substances, as well as wear trials.

Through our carefully crafted bedding items, we strive to provide you with the best sleep experience possible. We offer a wide range of bed linens, comforters, pillows, and blankets in a variety of patterns and colors. Visit our online store today!

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