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Bring Home the Comfort You Deserve: Made in Germany European Down Pillow

Bring Home the Comfort You Deserve: Made in Germany European Down Pillow

For decades, Puredown has been providing the finest materials and quality construction to bring a touch of luxury to your home. Whether you are an avid traveler or simply looking for a way to rest your head with extra support, our new Made in Germany European Down Pillow will surely help. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this best selling pillow will give you the ultimate restful sleep experience that only Puredown can deliver. Listed below are some of the reasons why this softer pillow is among our best.

Made in Germany European Down Pillow

Crafted in Germany

Discover soothing comfort and enjoy the sleep of your dreams when you use this finely crafted German down pillow. Our pillow has a filling of the finest quality and origin that has been certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, as well as DOWNPASS and NOMITE. With its high-quality craftsmanship, this pillow offers the perfect balance of natural comfort and luxury.

The Softest Pillow You Will Ever Sleep On

Experience the luxury of our down feather pillow, with a soft and fluffy feel allowing you to drift off to sleep worry-free. Featuring the highest-quality down and duck feathers, this pillow is firm enough to support your head and offer neck alignment during sleep throughout the night but still plush enough to provide great comfort. The 100% cotton white cover with a 300 thread count is breathable and durable for long-lasting use.

Pillows Designed To Make You Sleep Better

You no longer have to choose between soft and firm. Our ultra-plush pillows offer both comfort and support for every sleeping style. These soft pillows have a medium-firm density, making them ideal for side, back, and combination sleepers. Medium firmness offers comfort while maintaining support.

Certified for Support, Cuddles, and Safety

Having the perfect pillow can do wonders for your health, offering an ultra luxe sleeping experience. No matter what your daily routine looks like, there is one constant that we always need; sleep. Our made in Germany pillow is crafted from the finest materials and tailored to enhance your comfort. Our made in Germany pillows are designed to provide long-lasting comfort, support and a soft, luxurious feel. The comfort and safety of this pillow have been attested to by several certifications.

DOWNPASS Certified

The down and feather industry is a growing market, and as the demand grows, so does the need to ensure that all products are ethically sourced. All DOWNPASS certified products use 100% ethically sourced, high-quality down and feathers that are untouched by unethical practices.

Furthermore, the DOWNPASS certification provides reliable traceability from the source to the consumer. This ensures that all production processes are tightly controlled and adhere to strict welfare guidelines.

NOMITE Certified: Recommended for House-dust-mite-allergy Sufferers

The NOMITE mark is what you can trust to know if a product is suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers. The presence of this label on bedding, duvets, and pillows guarantees there will be no allergic reactions. Using the NOMITE label indicates that the product has been independently tested for allergens and that it meets specifications for those suffering from house dust mite allergies.

OEKO-TEX Certified

The STANDARD 100 label lets you enjoy your product without any worries about health hazards. The STANDARD 100 label is a mark of quality and safety. The STANDARD 100 label guarantees you the best possible protection from harmful substances. It is your assurance that every component of the product has been tested and is harmless to your health.

Hassle Free Cleaning

Let your dreams come true with our exclusive, durable and lofty pillow that breathes fresh air into your daily life. A loyal companion for you, this high-quality pillow will provide you with the right amount of support, a plush loft of feather and down, and the maximum comfort that you need to turn your sleep into a rejuvenating experience.

Clean your pillow with ease. This supportive pillow is machine washable in cold water. Protect the look and feel of your pillow by using a cover or protector, and regularly fluff to maintain its durability and loft.

Puredown: Your One Stop For All Things Sleep

Discover luxurious bedding from Puredown. When it comes to comfort, we understand that you deserve nothing less than the best. That’s why we offer bedding products for every stage of life, and in a variety of sizes and styles. Our bedding items are meticulously designed to ensure your most restorative sleep and heavenly experience. 

Whether you’re looking for something soft and cozy or need a great price point, we want you to find exactly what you need at Puredown. Our products are carefully crafted to ensure you get a good night’s sleep and premium comfort every night. Visit our online store today!

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