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Best Fill Material for Your Comforter: Down or Down Alternative?

Best Fill Material for Your Comforter: Down or Down Alternative?

Shopping for comforters may feel like an easy task, but we know how confusing it can be when there are so many options to choose from. With us, finding the right comforter is a breeze.

When shopping for bedding, we tend to look for something that takes our personal preferences and surroundings into account. Let's begin by navigating the process of choosing a comforter that is best for you. Although there is a wide range of choices for comforters, the distinctions are usually based on size, weight, warmth, fill, and fabric. The most common confusion is over the ideal fill of your comforter.

For most people, this will come down to a choice between two of the most common types of fill: down fill, and synthetic or down alternative fill. In this article, we're going to provide three simple ways for you to choose which type of fill will suit you best when upgrading your bedroom!

Let's start by quickly understanding the difference between the two fills;

  • Down is essentially the soft and delicate feathers that are found beneath the exterior quilled feathers of waterfowl. Down-filled comforters have incredible warmth retention and are extremely lightweight.
  • Down Alternative comforters have synthetic fill. Polyester is the most popular synthetic fill and can provide similar insulation as down comforters.

Down Alternative Comforters:

Competitive Pricing

Down alternative comforters are usually more economical. These comforters can provide a similar level of warmth and plush as down comforters. Down alternative comforters are also hypoallergenic, so if you are looking for an allergy-friendly option, a down alternative comforter is your answer! 

Wide Availability

Down alternative comforters are widely available because of the abundance of synthetic fill. These comforters are adequately durable and can mimic the same feel as down.

Moisture Wicking

Down Alternative comforters are usually moisture wicking, which means they absorb less moisture and dry relatively quickly. These comforters are also machine washable at home.

Down Comforters:

Natural Insulator

Down is what keeps waterfowl warm. It is a naturally insulating material that excels at providing warmth. Thanks to being able to produce thousands of tiny air pockets, natural down is also highly breathable. 

Lightweight and Compressible 

Down is breathable in a way that allows unwanted moisture vapor to escape. Besides being incredibly lightweight, down-filled comforters also provide excellent temperature regulation, so you stay warm and cozy all night while you sleep.


Down's durability is unmatched; good quality down comforters can last for years. Down-filled products can be handed down through generations with regular dry cleaning and consistent care. At Puredown, we make sure that the down we utilize meets strict environmental and ethical standards. We also ensure consistency and dedication to delivering premium-quality products from our warehouse to your home. 

Final Words 

There you have it, folks! We gave you some helpful tips that may inspire your next purchase when it comes to choosing a new down or synthetic pillow, comforter, or blanket. If you'd like to check out more of our helpful posts, feel free to read some of our other blogs, and check out our social media channels to stay up to date with our latest offerings!

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1 comment

  • Barbara Moore

    I love goose down covers: however, I have never understood why manufacturers waste so much down around the edges of the blanket. The edges do not add anything to the overall use of the blanket. My blankets always seem to end up with lots of down along the edges and very thin coverage in the middle.Why not use synthetic down along the edges and save the real down for the remainder of the cover. I also wish the
    “squares” were smaller so the down would stay in place. Anyway, I still love down covers. P.S. I would also love to locate a source of very, very lightweight duvets; I don’t like the extra weight most duvets add. (I live in the deep south, but goose down works year round for me.)

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