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October 14, 2019 1 Comment

What is the best comforter material? Down or synthetic? So you’re ready to get yourself a new bedding set, but are looking for something a little more considerate of your personal needs that won’t leave you overheating, experiencing the potential discomfort of feather or you may have an allergy to a specific material often used in bedding textiles. For most people, this is going to come down to a choice between two of the most common materials home textiles are made from: man-made fibres like nylon, polyester or a composite mix of several materials, and down, which is made from the finer feathers found underneath the top coat of feathering on ducks and geese.  In this article, we’re going to provide 3 simple ways for you to choose between which textile may suit you best when upgrading your bedroom! But first, a little explanation about the two materials:

  • Down is essentially the fluffy undercoating that provides warmth for geese, ducks and other waterfowl that has incredible warmth retention and is extremely lightweight.
  • Synthetic materials such as nylon or registered trademarks like Thermolite or Polarguard have a tendency to be a bit heavier and bulkier than down, though are often available at a lower cost.

Choosing Synthetic: 

  • Competitive Pricing

Comforters, blankets or jackets made of man-made fibres can often be found at very competitive prices.

  • Wide Availability

The easy access and commonality of synthetic material comforters and other home textiles is another advantage to consider when choosing between the two.

  • Often Water-Resistant

Many modern synthetic blankets provide a good level of water resistance and sometimes work to repel water that may damage the blanket or comforter.

Choosing Down:

  • It’s Nature’s Natural Insulator

 It helps keep waterfowl warm and dry in the coldest of conditions since the dawn of time and is a naturally insulating material that excels at providing warmth thanks to being able to produce thousands of tiny air pockets. When compared to synthetic material products, down is warmer than nearly all common man-made fibers.

  • Breathable, Lightweight and Compressible

Down is breathable and lightweight in a way that allows unwanted moisture vapor to escape. Down comforters help keep your sleep warm throughout the night, whereas a down sports blanket is a fantastic, lightweight blanket that can be compressed down to take out on hikes, road trips or just for a day in the park!

  • Down Can Last For Many, Many Years

With regular use, thorough fluffing and consistent care, down products can last for many, many years. There are few synthetic fiber products that are able to provide such lasting use. This is due to the consistently detailed cleaning that occurs in accordance with strict industry standards. This detail also helps avoid potential hypoallergenic situations. At Puredown, we make sure that the down we source is brought to us with stringent environmental and ethical stipulations. Once we receive it, we ensure consistency and dedication to delivering a premium-quality product from production to your home.

So there you have it folks! 3 helpful little tips that may inspire your next thoughts when it comes to purchasing a new synthetic or down pillow, comforter, or blanket. If you’re curious about more of our helpful little posts, feel free to check out our Social Media channels and stay up to date with all the down details!

1 Response

Barbara Moore
Barbara Moore

July 05, 2020

I love goose down covers: however, I have never understood why manufacturers waste so much down around the edges of the blanket. The edges do not add anything to the overall use of the blanket. My blankets always seem to end up with lots of down along the edges and very thin coverage in the middle.Why not use synthetic down along the edges and save the real down for the remainder of the cover. I also wish the
“squares” were smaller so the down would stay in place. Anyway, I still love down covers. P.S. I would also love to locate a source of very, very lightweight duvets; I don’t like the extra weight most duvets add. (I live in the deep south, but goose down works year round for me.)

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