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Puredown Beddings Employed Intellectual Property Protection for Its Powerful Product Development

Puredown Beddings Employed Intellectual Property Protection for Its Powerful Product Development

Puredown Beddings Employed Intellectual Property Protection for Its Powerful Product Development


Recently, Puredown announced that its application for Intellectual Property Protection has been officially approved by related certification authority in March. Puredown is the first Chinese feather bedding supplier to employ IP protection. This is considered a pioneering move for Chinese companies with ceaseless technological innovation and strict quality control system like Puredown to demonstrate not only their cost-efficiency and quality, but also their capability to innovate and set standards for industries.


Puredown for the Maximized Feature Product Comfort


Puredown is a leading manufacturer specified in bedding products designing and production. With the philosophy of “Great sleep, Made simple”, the company strives to offer the most comfortable sleeping experience for its customers. Its top-selling products are pillows, comforters and mattress pads, which feature in multiple down and feather combination options. Earlier this year, Puredown launched its premium down alternative series, which soon gained wide popularity among customers who seek a high-quality sleep to maximize their daily work capacity.


Puredown with Outstanding Research and Development Quality


One of Puredown’s most scientifically advanced products is its sports blanket series, which incorporates special thermal ball fill technology to regulate the temperature. Similar technology can also be found on famous brands like The North Face. This technology is also developed by Puredown’s own laboratory.


Apart from its strict selection on the quality of raw materials, Puredown is also reputed to focus a lot on social and environmental responsibility. It is certified to the RDS standard, which means Responsible Down Standard and is only entitled to down manufacturers whose products are made from feathers coming from animals that have not been subjected to an unnecessary harm.


Inside the Puredown State-Level Laboratory


The success of Puredown’s creative products are attributed to its effort in consistent technological innovation. Puredown has a state-level laboratory with 30 feather sorting machines, 14 full-automatic down rising machines, and 8 heaping machines. It is equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art apparatus, from the goose and duck feather analyzer, which guarantees the selection of raw materials from the starting point, to waterproof ability tester, which ensures a dry and clean surface of Puredown’s products. Totally, Puredown has invested over 5 million RMB to equip the technological center with high-end apparatus to secure the high quality of its products. Apart from the advanced testing instruments and technology, Puredown’s professional testing team is capable of providing quick and accurate testing service according to the requirements of its clients. For the environmental responsibility, It has invested more than 22 million yuan to build a sewage circular treatment system, and make sure every product follows its duty to the sustainability of the world.


The winning of Intellectual Property Protection is a significant milestone in Puredown’s development history, but it’s far from the company’s ultimate goal. It can be an emblem of Puredown’s brand value and technology power, but also a motivation for Puredown to further perfect its products to provide the most enjoyable sleeping experience for all of its customers.


About Puredown


Puredown is a creative down and feather home décor brand focusing on making bedding products located in Zhejiang. It relies on The Liuqiao Group, which is the largest production base of down and feather in Asia. With over 20 years’ experience in design and development, The Liuqiao Group has the most advanced processing line for comforters and pillows. It has been partnered with global brands like The North Face, Bosideng and IKEA.

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