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April 22, 2020

Comforter is in great need now. As the coronavirus pandemic make sleep more important than ever, the demand of a high quality sleep is increasing. It is said a quality sleep is helpful to keep people healthy as the immune system will strengthen during the sleep time, especially when there are no disturbing noises. So, how to make your goose down comforter be fluffy and clean to sleep on?

Generally, cotton-based comforter takes up most of the market at the moment where the goose down comforter is normally considered to be expensive and luxury. In fact, a goose down comforter is such the cost-effective one nevertheless its price might be a little bit higher than the cotton-based comforter.

Nowadays, the duvet has been gradually integrated into everyone’s home life because of the durability and warmth. According to these advantages, the down comforter is better for longer use and is able to keep customers warmer at night. However, the corresponding side effects of the durability are dreadful as tens of thousands of dust and mites may make you sick.

Since the illnesses that due to the ignorance of cleaning the comforter troubles people so far, including the cough, fever, and sore throat, it should be noted that the importance of cleaning your comforter. Therefore, how to clean your comforter in a correct way without ruin both the comforter and washing machine? Here are five little steps for you to clean your duvet correctly.

1.Don’t forget to check the tags

Mostly, a small tag will be attached to the comforter cover since it was produced. In the tag, detailed instructions will be shown as the difference of hand-wash and dry-clean only can decide the further quality after you purchased the comforter from the shop. Besides, the materials of the product, designing, sizes and satisfaction guarantee are also considered as the key information on the tag.

2.No holes on the cover

Have you ever imagined the washing machine could be full of down and pieces after you set the washing time? If so, it is time to exclude any holes in your comforter. Currently, comforters are all stuffed and filled with warming materials, so that it might be inevitable to experience the leakage of stuffs and materials. Therefore, please check cautiously about your comforter before putting it into the washing drum. For those goose down comforter,  like the goose down comforter king of puredown with  75% of white goose down and 25% of goose feather filled, it should be more cautiously checked before it finally washed in the machine and reassure there are no holes to let the downs and materials inside leak of the comforter.

3.Leave some spaces

Never cram anything else in the wash machine with your comforter. As a matter of fact, there should be enough room for it to move around and then water and soap can reach everywhere. If you’re working hard to push the whole thing inside, it won’t get clean. Otherwise, it will mix the soap and water and the comforter will consequently get filthy.  

4.Use gentle detergent and reasonable water

For comforters, a small amount of detergent which is mild and friendly to skin as comforter is ultimately for sleep purposes. Also, it is recommended for you to wash your comforter in the cool water and adjust the washing machine into a delicate setting. However, there is an exception of using cool water as the mites can still grow rapidly under humid and warm conditions, so that you are advised to use hotter water at 54°C or more.

5.Dry it up

At any time, dry is an important process to shine your comforter again. In order to sleep with a clean comforter, do not forget to set the heat of your dryer from high to low and check every 20 minutes or so to fluff it out so the filling settles evenly.

Bonus: Try to place two tennis balls separately in the washer that can effectively balance the load. In that case, your comforter is believed to be soft instead of bunchy after the wash.

After correctly follow these steps of washing comforter, your duvet will soon be refreshed and reassured to provide you with peaceful sleep. It is time to put them into practice.



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