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March 19, 2020

Have you ever experienced staying at home for more than a week? What will you do to kill the spare time? The new coronavirus was becoming a global issue when more patient is diagnosed, the fear around people is spreading widely within days. 

During the outbreak of the virus, lots of people have to stay at home for safety, in case of being infected. Therefore, have a deep rest becomes the only option for most people to kill the time. However, the rest quality is related to whether your bedding is qualified to provide customers with comfort. Therefore, having a comfortable and decompression comforter is important for customers as no one would like to sleep surrounded by insomnia.

 According to that, why not to buy a goose down comforter? Typically, a comforter is a thick and quilted blanket which is used to warm you at night. Some of you might consider to buy a duvet at your home, but the strength of a comforter is obvious. There are less needs in terms of storage spaces of comforter than the duvet. However, you need to prepare a typical closet to store the comforter.

Since the epidemic is spreading rapidly, it is becoming a global concern, try not to be scared. As long as keeps a healthy diet and schedule, the immune system will strengthen to protect you from illness. The reason why sleep quality is important is that the lack of sleep can affect your immune system. Lots of studies show that people who are not able to get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to contract illness after being exposed to a virus, such as the common cold virus and the current new virus. More seriously, lack of sleep can also affect how fast you recover from the sickness, as without sufficient sleep, your body will make fewer cytokines, a type of protein to create an immune response which targets infection and inflammation. So, when it comes to your health, sleep always plays an important role. 

 Therefore, how about sleeping with a plain white comforter? It’s said there is a deep relation between the fluffy comforter and sleep quality. Generally, the softness and fluffy of the comforter are decisive for a superior comforter. Unlike the duvet, the comforter have to fit your bed. As long as the goose down comforter is fit the size of your bed, the ultimate comfort will become the top sleeping experience. On the contrary, choosing the wrong type of fabric for your bedding can tug on or chafe the skin, bunch together, and even harbor dust mites and allergens that disturb your sleep.

Puredown’s plain white comforter is such a suitable duvet that is made of 100% cotton, three quarters of white goose down or 25% of white goose feather. These materials can guarantee you to enjoy the unique sleep time. The color design is also commendable, the comforter is colored in pure white, a color to reduce stress effectively. Referring to a recent example, the virus had caused enough panic already, it is time to calm yourself down. Imagine when you are lying on a fluffy comforter, the warm will soon help you resolve the anxiety. 

Moreover, the design of gold satin piping, double-needle stitching means the comforter is produced by fine workmanship. Besides, the baffle box construction can prevent your head from shifting of inner filling and loops on all 4 corners are perfect for assuring your security.   

When we sleep well, we must wake up feeling refreshed and energetic. On the contrary, if we have an awful sleep, we have to tolerate the tiredness for whole day. Sleep affects how we look, feel and perform in our daily lives. In that case, it is truly important for you to have a plain white comforter to improve the sleep quality, you will not regret choosing it.

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