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The Secret To Turning Your Rental Into a Luxury Retreat

The Secret To Turning Your Rental Into a Luxury Retreat

With the holidays around the corner and the cold weather settling in, it’s only natural to start dreaming of warm weather and a beach house getaway. But if you can’t get out of town this season, we have some tips to help you give your home that relaxing vacation feel.

From cozy scents to relaxing music and even some décor that will remind you of your dream getaway, all it takes is a few minutes and a little creative thinking. Here’s how to bring the relaxation of your favorite and sophisticated luxury retreats into your own space.

A Clutter-free Space Is a Happy Space

Decluttering your home before a staycation can go a long way toward making it feel more luxurious. Your rental can be a sanctuary from the chaos of daily life, and when it is comfortable, clean, and has a minimal design, you will be able to relax quickly and fully enjoy your staycation.

Get rid of clutter and minimize decorations, which will make your rental feel more spacious and offer indoor comfort. Create a calm, soothing atmosphere by choosing vibrant colors to accent your walls, installing dimmer switches on lights, and selecting wallpaper that evokes a soothing mood.

Comfortably Chic Living Room

Create a serene, calming space for the living room of your rental home. Start with a plush velvet sofa and oversized armchair, both in a soft neutral color scheme. Add some decorative features, like pillows and silk rugs, to make things even cozier. Finish the room by adding some touches of sparkle, as the power of lighting can go a long way, like crystal chandeliers or gold accents such as lamps or mirrors!

Create a Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

Hotel or luxury lighting is much more subtle, warm, and inviting than bright lights in the office or at home. Resort rooms are designed to be relaxing, so try swapping your home’s standard overhead fluorescent lights with dimmer, warmer lamps for a subtly different vibe. Go the extra mile and accentuate features like windows, chandeliers, and artwork with spotlights in playful shapes and a combination of design elements like lanterns or string lights for the feeling of warmth, modern comfort, and an increased sense of serenity. A soft lamp by the couch can work beautifully to create an intimate setting with its simple design.

Build a Sumptuous Cozy Bedroom

A cozy bedroom is a perfect way to wind down after a full day of work and a great place to recharge before your next adventure. From comfy pillows that are just right for your head to plush blankets that make you feel like you’re snuggled up in a cloud, we’ve got all the essentials to help create your own sanctuary. Here are some bedroom essentials that can transform your bedroom design into a comfortable retreat experience.

Crisp, Clean, and Comfortable Sheets

Nothing feels better than sinking into a freshly made bed with crisp sheets to get you ready for a good night’s sleep. If you love the cozy feel of a hotel bedroom, start with a simple bed makeover. A few big, fluffy pillows and a pristine set of new sheets will instantly elevate your serene space and provide that resort-like comfort and modern luxury we all crave.

The Easiest Way To Make Your Bed Better

With mattress toppers, you can upgrade your bedspace in no time. You’ve got a mattress, but is it too firm? Or maybe you need one that’s extra plush. Luckily, there’s a mattress topper for every kind of sleeper. They can make your bed warmer and cooler, softer or firmer, plus they can protect your mattress. All you have to do is find one that suits your sleep style, and don’t forget to buy a fitted sheet to fit over it!

Goose Feather Mattress Topper

Goose Feather Mattress Topper

The luxurious Puredown Goose Feather Mattress Topper provides a sumptuous experience for deep, restful slumber. Featuring a five-layer construction, it offers the perfect combination of softness and firmness that lets you enjoy a consistently comfortable night’s sleep.

Everyone loves the soft and gentle touch of goose feathers, and Puredown’s feather mattress topper is no different. Soft, luxurious, and a treat for your skin-the Featherbed Mattress Topper brings together 95% goose feather with 5% goose down, providing unsurpassed comfort.

Great Pillows, Great Sleep

A great pillow is the most important part of your bed. It’s what makes you feel comfortable when you lie down at night, and it can also make an impact on how well you sleep. Puredown bed pillows are designed to help relieve neck pain and keep you comfortable while sleeping by providing support where it’s needed most. They come in durable options in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit any type of bedding or décor style.

2 Pack Side and Back Sleeper Pillows Filled with 100% Down Feather Fiber

2 Pack Side and Back Sleeper Pillows Filled with 100% Down Feather Fiber

Each night, as you sink into your pillow and drift off to sleep, we want you to enjoy sweet dreams and a sense of zen. That’s why we offer our 100% Down Feather Pillow with double-layered fabric that prevents feather pricks so you can fall asleep faster and sleep better without waking up in the middle of the night.

Build a Bed You Can’t Wait to Hop Into

Your new comforter is a statement piece that reflects your style and comfort needs. Not only will you love the way it looks, but also how it feels as you drift off to sleep every night. We only use high-quality materials to ensure our comforters are built to last, with a down fill that provides great warmth and breathability.

Puredown Feather and Down Comforter

Puredown Feather and Down Comforter

The Puredown Feather and Down Comforter is a warm, durable, and luxurious down comforter that will keep you snug throughout the night. The sewn-through construction facilitates even distribution of the filling for comfortable warmth along with minimizing shifting, eliminating cold spots, and providing the optimal balance of weight, softness, and durability.

The grey piping bordering the all-season comforter, along with a double-needle stitching design, gives it a tailored look while preventing duvet filling leakage.

Bring a Little Luxury to Your Bathroom

Every inch of your home can be showered with beauty, and a bathroom is no exception. In a bathroom that’s all about luxury, it’s the little details that bring it together. Eliminate clutter with sleek, streamlined storage. Keep beauty products in stylish baskets or on a tray to make your sink area look flawless; add a few touches of green accents and white or cute planters, as elements from nature can add freshness. Cute candles or petite perfume bottles will complete the look. Displaying only what is essential makes it easier to keep your space clean and organized.

Make Your Space Your Own

Indulge in essentials to bring that indulgent, dreamy comfort to your home. Your home is your sanctuary, and with Puredown, we have you covered for your bedroom needs. From down comforters to mattress pads and everything in between, our carefully curated assortment of bedding essentials delivers rich, luxurious comfort.

It’s the small touches that bring your home together. A home is not a home until it reflects your taste and personality, from the furniture and décor to the patterns and colors. A beautiful patterned rug, the perfect wallpaper, or a print of your favorite painting. We understand that small differences can make all the difference when you’re setting up your peaceful retreat, and we’ve tried to incorporate every detail we think you need to put together to make a relaxing and captivating home environment.

As you prepare your home for your loved ones, we hope our blog has been useful in helping you curate an experience that is fit for royalty. And in case you need a little more help in curating your dream home, we also recommend The Elevated Magazine’s blog on How to Make Your Rental Feel Like a Luxury Hotel.

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