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February 12, 2019


For keeping your sleep at the pinnacle of comfort, nothing helps more than down pillows. A good down pillow is the ultimate in soft and fluffy warmth, providing quality, breathability and comfort.

However, as many of our customers have commented on, you will notice that your Puredown pillows will arrive flat, tightly rolled and packed in a vacuum bag. Vacuum packing is our eco-friendly choice that saves space, fuel and transportation costs, and makes our shipping process cheaper, faster and better for the environment.

So what can you do to open up your pillows properly? Simple!

  • Carefully cut the plastic off with scissors and take out the pillow;
  • Manually fluff the pillows and then let air gradually seep into the pillows;
  • It will take 20 to 30 minutes for the pillows to return to their original shape;
  • Voila! Your pillow should now look just like the ones on our homepage!

 Puredown. #Sleeponit 

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