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Antonio's Story

Antonio's Story

Instructions on Washing Down Pillows

This starts with a story of Antonio...

Hello, I bought a used maternity pillow and I am 49 and live with PTSD issues this pillow has been a lifesaver, I have never slept so well over 49 years.... you do not have to be pregnant to need, I said need this, my question is on washing care, can it be dried in the dryer, may I ask for better washing instructions. Thank you sincerely.”

We replied to this email and told her the recommended method to wash this pillow...

 "Well I went ahead and washed in the machine, with two wool balls, and used gentle cycle and eco-friendly soap, I then dried with the two wool balls, and walla, purrrrrfect. So letting you know it washes super well. Thank you for your reply, Una. Andi named my pillow Antonio lol, my husband has to live with that, haha. Anyways, peace be to you and yours,

I cannot believe I have lived without such comfort, no night terrors, and such good sleep now unlike ever before."

We've never knew it could be like this. That pillow we produced is treated as a close friend and even owns a name. When we contacted her and asked if she would like to share her story with more people, she gladly agreed, so here we can know more about this story...

 "Absolutely share my story...we kid around about Antonio. But in reality, these boyfriend pillows can be so much to so many, when living with the effects of trauma can make one's life very hard. what happens is one can be forever effected and can make it a place we cannot handle anyone very physically close to some of us. Anyway, yes feel free to post that and my name is fine whatever you choose to do. It is fine with me.

...But thank you, I personally think your company could make and sell a pillow for people with trauma, or who are single, (the boyfriend pillow), pillow for those with PTSD, anxiety issues, trauma. In today' age people do not hide the crimes against them like they used to, so really we know 1 out of 3 are violated as children, those traumas impact the individual through their lifetime, with trauma, we cover our necks at night, it’s a natural thing done for safety, we do not generally know we do this, also we need more covers than the average person, we have racing thoughts, so my thought is, the pillow for PTSD could even call that pillow a name, his and hers, so anyways just some thoughts.

You all have a wonderful day and thank you for Antonio, because I am able to find such incredible comfort when I hold him, and he never gets too hot or irritated lol… so anyways..."

What We Used to Be

As a bedding manufacturer, this really means a lot when you know your products can make such a big difference in someone's life. Our original intention is simple, selling more products to more people, but we quickly realized that it is not easy to get more customers if we only focus on sales. A crucial factor that makes people choose you lies in your products. Is the product of good quality? What makes this product different? When we shifted our focus from sales to quality, we find our original intention is easily achieved.

We receive emails from customers every day, sharing their feelings with us. We appreciate each of them no matter it is for complaint or for appreciation. It is because of these true feelings that we are getting to know our products better. It is not saying that we don't know the products we produce, it is saying we are getting new angles to know our products, the angles that you get only as a customer.


Thank You, Antonio...

Then we receive her email. Even after reading so many emails, we are still impressed by Antonio's story. We have never been prouder to work at Puredown. This story also provides us a new perspective, which is there are lots of people longing for a good pillow/blanket/mattress more eagerly than others. They may suffer from sleep disorders for different reasons. The first thing that came into our mind is to take medical actions to solve the problem. We overlooked the basic fact that the bedding set plays an even bigger part in improving the sleep quality of these people.

For ordinary people our product could be necessaries, for people with serious sleep disorders, however, it could be a lifesaver. Just as she said, living with traumas makes it hard for some of them to handle anyone very physically close so they seek not only warmth but also safety from their pillows or blankets.

It is Antonio's story that lets us realize the point. It provides something deeper and inner to Puredown's culture. It makes us know that how important and special our products could be. Every product we produce could be a lifesaver to someone in the world.

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