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Xmas Presents for The Home - 4 Quick Ideas for the Perfect Home Christmas Gift!

Xmas Presents for The Home - 4 Quick Ideas for the Perfect Home Christmas Gift!

So the holiday season has officially begun and by now we’ve all heard “All I Want For Christmas” at least 20 times and you know what that means; its time to prepare your gifts! At the Puredown® office, we’ve been having our own struggle over what are the best presents to get for loved ones that will keep them warm when all the food is gone and everybody gets really sleepy. Let’s jump in and see what we recommend, this year:

1) Puredown® Lightweight Oversized Down Blanket

This one is a Puredown® classic. Velvety-textured, with a special satin weave means this blanket not only looks visually-stunning, but is also guaranteed to give you one of the most restful nights of sleep you’ve ever had. Featuring a premium-quality box stitched design and consistently voted one of our biggest top sellers, every year, for good reason! This fantastic lightweight, genuine satin weave down blanket is ideal under any Winter conditions, and is light enough to use right through until early Summer or late Spring.

2) Puredown® Premium Weighted Blanket for Adult 100% Cotton Fabric

You may already have your comforter and what you think are other essentials, but there’s nothing quite like the safety and security that having an extra blanket brings, especially a Puredown® Weighted Blanket with beads for extra comfort! Ideal if you want something easily available to keep warm around the house or for a nice weekend Winter break to a national park! This Weighted Blanket not only works well for keeping warm, but can also serve as a nice gift for anyone with autism or associated disorders, as the soft nature of the item can help soothe.

3) Puredown® 3-Piece Sherpa Reversible Down Alternative Winter Comforter Set

Imagine feeling as warm as a fireside dog when you curl up in to bed at night. Now, simply pick yourself or a loved one or your partner up our Sherpa Down Alternative Comforter Set and enjoy the holidays wrapped in what many of our fans have described as “the warmest hug” they’ve ever had. There’s a special kind of joy to sitting in your big comforter, all warm and with a cup of hot cocoa, watching the snow outside as it disappears past your window.

4) Puredown® 2 Pack Premium White Goose Down Feather Pillows for Back and Side Sleepers, Pillow-in-a-pillow design, 300 TC, 100% Cotton Fabric

Sometimes the smallest gifts make the biggest impressions, and no impression can be bigger than our fantastic, premium-quality 400 thread count, 600 fill power pillows. These pillows provide a whole world of sleep you or your loved one could never have dreamed possible, thanks to a level of support that competitors will find hard to beat. Ideal for any type of sleeper, these luxurious down pillows are a fan favorite and you will soon see why!


So there you have it, folks, if you’re in the season for providing a little bit of Christmas comfort with your Christmas cheer, then make sure to give the gift that keeps on giving this year; the best night’s sleep, thanks to Puredown® 


Happy Holidays from all of us here!

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