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A Great Night Starts With a Great Comforter: Made in Germany 800 Fill Power European White Down Comforter

A Great Night Starts With a Great Comforter: Made in Germany 800 Fill Power European White Down Comforter

Puredown has been making warmth come alive in homes for years. We combine innovative technology, a love for detail, and a passion for creating exceptional sleep solutions to make products that feel as good as they look.

Our new Made in Germany White Down Comforter is one of our best efforts. We have designed it with your comfort in mind and are sure you will be delighted when you bring this comforter home. Here are all the reasons it should be on your bedding shopping list.

Made in Germany 800 Fill Power European White Down Comforter

The Sumptuous Made in Germany 800 Fill Power European Down Comforter

When you want the highest quality sleep that offers an exquisite warmth level, is luxurious, and is well-made, look no further than this made in Germany 800 fill down comforter. The soft cotton cover and the high-quality, lightweight down provide a luxurious sleeping experience, like sleeping on a cloud. The double needle stitching and corded piping around the edges give this feather and down comforter an elegant look that minimizes fill loss and enhances its appeal.

Bring Clean, Simple Style to Your Bedroom

Our down feather comforter is a true classic that adds soft, cozy luxury to your bedroom. Our comforter builds upon a natural and luxurious foundation with an inviting 100% cotton fabric cover that features a 300 thread count. The medium-weight all season comforter is styled with dobby stripe patterns, while the heavyweight winter comforter displays a solid color option in white that will enhance the luxurious feel and elegance of your bedroom.

Fall Asleep on a Bed of Soft Clouds

Nestle yourself in clouds of softness with the 800 fill power of our ultra-plush down feather comforter. With a luxurious loft that feels like you’re sleeping on a bed of marshmallows, this heirloom quality down comforter is crafted with the perfect combination of warmth and comfort.

Featuring a baffle box construction in a breathable, natural material, this down & feather comforter is designed to help ensure consistent heat distribution throughout the entire comforter. This means that you’ll be cozy and warm wherever you sleep.

To ensure year-round comfort, we offer two weight options for our exquisite fluffy comforter.

Medium Weight

Your bed is your sanctuary, and this medium-weight duvet insert is designed to provide you with the comfortable sleep experience you deserve. Bring a soothing touch to your bedroom with our medium-weight comforter filled with 90% white duck down and 10% white duck feather. The lightweight filling allows for more loft and better insulation, so you can snuggle up in this soft, fluffy comforter whenever the temperature drops.

Our medium-weight option has a comfortable weight and is also the ideal comforter if you like to shift between warm and cool sleep temperatures while sleeping. Made with a breathable cotton fabric, this all-season medium-weight comforter is ideal for cold sleepers or hot sleepers, suitable for year-round use, and keeps you warm in cooler climates while still being light enough for warmer months or warmer climates.

Heavy Weight

You deserve to sleep surrounded by softness and warmth. Our heavyweight winter down comforter is an exceptionally warm, cozy, and comfortable option for all those who love to sleep. Made of 90% white goose down and 10% white goose feather, the baffle box construction comforter provides the utmost delight with its lush loft, for a perfect night’s sleep. Made from the highest quality materials, our premium heavy-weight winter down comforters are designed for maximum warmth and comfort.

If you live in a colder climate or just like to stay snuggled on cold winter nights, our heavy-weight comforter is perfect for you. Made from high-quality down and intended for use in cooler months and for cool sleepers, the heavier comforter features a classic baffle box design that helps keep you comfortable and provides extra warmth while preventing cold spots.

Certified for Warmth, Comfort, and Safety

At Puredown, we are proud of our made in Germany comforter and want you to share the same confidence. Purchasing a comforter is a huge investment, which is why our made in Germany comforter is made with the finest materials and bespoke craftsmanship. This ensures that your home is not only warm and comfortable, but safe too.

DOWNPASS Certified

It is becoming increasingly important for the down and feather industry to consider animal welfare in the scope of its activities. Products carrying the DOWNPASS guarantee are made with high-quality down and feathers, ethically sourced, and untouched by unethical practices.

In addition, certification guarantees reliable traceability from the source to the consumer. This allows you to ensure that all production processes comply with strict welfare guidelines and are tightly controlled.

Nomite Certified: Recommended for House-dust-mite-allergy Sufferers

The NOMITE mark is what you can trust to know if a product is suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers. The presence of this label in bedding, duvets, and pillows ensures that allergic reactions will be prevented. The NOMITE is an anti-allergen mark that indicates the product has been independently tested and meets strict criteria to be suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers.

OEKO-TEX Certified

The STANDARD 100 label is a mark of quality and safety. The Standard 100 label guarantees you the best possible protection from harmful substances. It is your assurance that every component of the product has been tested and is harmless for your health.

Hassle Free Cleaning

For a hassle-free cleaning experience, our luxurious comforter is washing machine washable in cold water. Keep your bed comforter clean by using a comforter cover to protect your comforter from accidental spills and dust. Make sure you regularly fluff this heirloom down comforter to ensure its durability and loft.

Puredown: Sweet Dreams Start Here

At Puredown, our bedding items are versatile and all about bringing a perfect level of warmth and comfort to your home. With many options like pillows, duvets, and throws, we have products for all your sleep needs. Our quality products are specially made for modern living and deliver the comfort you love at a price that makes sense.

Whether you’re looking for something soft, warm, and comfortable for your bedroom or are looking for the perfect duvet cover to add that finishing touch to your bedroom, we have all you need when it comes to beds and linens. Explore our collection today!

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