Baffle Box Construction VS Sewn-through Construction

April 09, 2019

Baffle Box VS Sewn-through Construction


When you are planning for shopping a new comforter, there are several important factors that may come into your mind: the type of fill, filling weight and fill power.

Another important factor? The way your comforter is constructed, a detail which is easy to be overlooked. The two common ways a comforter is constructed are baffle box construction and sewn-through construction.

What is a baffle box construction?

Baffle Box Construction: a thin strip of fabric is sewn between the top and the bottom cover, which creates a three-dimensional chamber that can evenly distribute the fill and allow it to loft more fully.

What are the benefits of baffle box?

  • Trap more air and prevent heat loss
  • Keep the inner filling from shifting
  • Improve breathability and warmth level
  • Eliminate cold spots

What is a sewn-through construction?

Sewn-through construction is just what it sounds like. The top and bottom cover are sewn together, creating sealed pockets that prevent the fill from shifting.

Which one to choose?

Now you know the difference between baffle box and sewn-through construction, but which one is better? Actually they serve different purposes and have different advantages when putting in different situations.

Both of the them can evenly distribute the fill and prevent it from shifting. With 3D chambers baffle box construction can trap more air and prevent heat loss, so usually it is used in winter comforters. If you tend to be a colder sleeper or you live in a cold climate, a baffle box comforter will be a great choice.

As two covers are sewn together, sewn-through construction don't provide as much room for the inner fill as baffle box construction do, sewn-through comforters therefore can't trap more air than baffle box comforter. However, that is not always a negative. If you are a hotter sleeper or live in a warm climate or you are choosing a comforter for summer, sewn-through construction definitely is a good choice!

The Final Words

I hope you got some ideas about baffle box and sewn-through constructions from the article. So next time when you purchase comforters, you will know how to identify these two different constructions and what to expect from them.

Great Sleep. Made Simple.

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