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Sleeping Accessories You Can Trust: Silk Sleep Eyemask

Sleeping Accessories You Can Trust: Silk Sleep Eyemask

We have been hard at work searching for new deeper sleep solutions to make your bedtime more beautiful. The key to a night of improved sleep quality is relaxation, comfort, and peace. We have curated for you the best bedding and pillows that would give you all those things. We have taken it further with sumptuous additions that enhance your sleep experience.

Silk eye masks are our newest addition. If you are looking for an elegant and luxurious way to invest in beauty sleep at night, this lightweight sleep mask is an ideal solution. Sleep tight and enjoy a deep sleep experience with this pure silk eye mask from Puredown. This luxuriously soft silky fabric rest eye mask offers a sleek and light touch for a comfortable, calming, and restful night’s sleep.

Puredown’s Silk Sleep Eyemask

Silk Sleep Eyemask

Nothing can ruin your morning routine more than a rough night of sleep. Luckily, silk sleep eye masks can help you get the beauty rest you need. Not only do they block out light and help you achieve a peaceful night’s sleep, but they can also aid in hydrating your skin and reducing puffiness around your eyes.

100% Luscious, Decadent Silk for the Softest Sleep Ever

Silk Sleep Eyemask

The shell of this entire mask is made of 100% 19mm silk, which is a luxuriously soft material that is both easy to wear and to care for. Additionally, silk contains a special protein called Sericin. This protein is thought to help you retain moisture in your skin, reduce wrinkles on your face, and reduce dark circles under your eyes. If you’ve ever fallen asleep while wearing a contoured sleep mask, you know how sumptuous this soft fabric feels. This is because of the natural properties of silk, which is a silky soft material that not only soothes your skin but maintains its elasticity to prevent puffiness and maintain moisture. A contoured design comfortable mask suitable for all skin types and sleep styles can help you get deeper and better sleep, feel refreshed when you wake up, and aid your undereye health—such as reducing puffiness and bags under your eyes that can make you look tired.

Sleep in Elegant Comfort

Sleeping masks are essential for comfortable napping, but our sleep eye mask is more than that. Adorn your sleep with a silk mask that is designed to keep you cool and ensure zero light leakage. The lightweight sleep mask is infused with 100% Mulberry Silk padding as an exterior material. This provides you with the ultimate combination of velvety softness and pure comfort with every uninterrupted night of beauty sleep. The adjustable strap mask for sleeping is held in place by a 0.78 inches elastic strap, which makes it comfortable to wear even if you move around while sleeping. Add to that our functional drawstring pouch, and you have a sumptuous addition to your nightstand or travel bag.

Silk Sleep Eyemask

Puredown, Pure Comfort

We don’t just want you to have a good night’s sleep, we want it to be the best you’ve ever had. Our silk sleep masks are made from pure natural silk and come in a variety of color options to make your night more elegant.

At Puredown, We know the power of a good night’s sleep. That’s why we’re dedicated to crafting a wide variety of best down comforters, pillows, and blankets out there — ones you can nestle into while dreaming away. Sink into the comfort of your bed with our soft and luxurious down comforters, pillows, and blankets made with durable materials. We take great pride in crafting our lovely products to ensure quality and provide you with the highest level of comfort. Visit our online store today!

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