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The Best Bedding to Keep You Cool This Summer

The Best Bedding to Keep You Cool This Summer

The summer season is here, and we’re already craving a beautiful bedroom retreat. We thought it was high time to share our best tips for creating the most perfect summer bedding ensemble ever. Read on to find out how you can use our favorite summer bedding picks to create your very own cool, breezy getaway.

Cool and Comfy Summer Crisp Sheets

We know you’ve been enjoying the cozy warmth of your winter comforter and flannel sheets. Now that summer is here, it’s time to think about switching those layers out with lighter fabrics. Linen and cotton sheets are lighter and easier to breathe through, so you won’t wake up sweating anymore.

TENCEL™ Lyocell Cooling Sheet Set

TENCEL™ Lyocell Cooling Sheet Set

Crafted from 100% silky soft TENCEL™ Lyocell fiber, the Cooling Sheet Set is an eco-friendly and sustainable bedding option that is designed to provide a cool and comfortable sleep experience. The TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric is derived from sustainably sourced natural raw materials like eucalyptus and birch, making it a responsible choice for the environmentally conscious. Infused with cooling properties, the TENCEL™ Lyocell sustainable fabric construction is effective in inhibiting overheating and night sweats, ensuring that you stay warm and dry all night long. Known for its exceptional softness, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties, the TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric helps regulate body temperature and keeps you cool throughout the night. Upgrade your bedding game with the TENCEL™ Lyocell Cooling Sheet Set, and enjoy the perfect combination of comfort, sustainability, and performance.

Sleep Light, Sleep Cool

Just because the temperatures are rising doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cozy night’s sleep in your favorite down comforter. Our lightweight comforters ensure that you stay cool in the summertime. So, snuggle down with one of our comforters for a luxurious quality of sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ultra Lightweight Cooling Down Comforter

Ultra Lightweight Cooling Down Comforter

The Puredown Ultra Lightweight Cooling Down Comforter is the perfect lightweight comforter to add a cooling element to your bedroom. This comforter boasts an ideal blend of 85% premium polyester and 15% cotton outer fabric cover, which is durable and soft.

Experience the soft, dreamy comfort of a feather-down comforter. With a 260 thread count, this lightweight comforter gives you an exquisite balance of warmth, loft, and coziness to create an amazing sleep experience. This feather down lightweight comforter is filled with 75% white duck down and 25% white duck feather for a rich fluffiness that will keep you warm all night long.

Its lightweight construction features two strips of mesh fabric or fishnet cloth that encourage air circulation, keeping you cool and dry during hot summer nights.

All Season Organic Cotton Comforter Filled with Down and Feather Fiber

All Season Organic Cotton Comforter Filled with Down and Feather Fiber

Get a restful, rejuvenating sleep every night with the Puredown All Season Organic Cotton Down Feather Fiber Comforter. The goose feather down comforter features a 100% organic cotton cover, which is a lightweight, natural, and breathable material that keeps you dry and cool all night long. A perfect weight for year-round use, this all-season comforter is the ideal choice for cold sleepers or hot sleepers. It features a medium warmth weight, providing just the right amount of coziness for comfortable nights and a restful sleep.

TENCEL™ Lyocell Lightweight Cooling Down Blanket

TENCEL™ Lyocell Lightweight Cooling Down Blanket

Experience the ultimate in comfort and relaxation with the Puredown TENCEL™ Lyocell Lightweight Cooling Down Blanket. Crafted from a luxurious blend of 58% silky soft TENCEL™ Lyocell fiber and 42% premium polyester fabric, this lightweight duvet blanket is a true delight. Indulge in the supreme quality of this bedding comforter blanket, which contains 75% white down and 25% white feathers. This exquisite combination ensures superior loft, exceptional softness, and unparalleled comfort, elevating your sleep experience to new heights of tranquility. The TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers used in the blanket are responsibly sourced from natural raw materials like eucalyptus and birch, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Add Breathable Materials to Your Bedding Sets

To keep your bedding in good shape, we recommend using a duvet cover to protect your cotton or linen duvet inserts from stains, dust mites, and allergens. For warm summer days, it’s best to get duvet covers in high-quality materials, durable fabrics, and organic materials like linen or cotton for maximum breathability, comfort, and softness.

Linen Duvet Cover Set with Pillowcases

Linen Duvet Cover Set with Pillowcases

The Puredown Linen Duvet Cover Set brings the luxurious dimension of your bedroom décor to a whole new level with its perfect combination of crisp design and soft touch. Made with 100% linen fibers fabric, this duvet cover set is breathable and helps you sleep cool and dry. The bold, modern look of the Puredown Linen Duvet Cover Set will transform the look of your bedroom while enhancing your night’s sleep with its breathability and soft feel.

The Best of Summer in Your Bedroom

As summer approaches, it’s time to embrace the outdoors by bringing some of its most enticing features inside. One simple way to do this is with indoor plants. We suggest misting linen sprays such as lavender—which has been proven to have a calming effect on the body—over your bed for an extra dose of relaxation.

Your Cozy Retreat for All Seasons

A lofty comforter in breathable construction is a key element in any bedroom and can serve as a stylish focal point in your abode. As summer approaches, you can spruce up your bed with a wide range of bedding accessories with a flat sheet or bed sheets and a duvet cover of coordinating or complementary color palettes, inviting natural light into your space.

Puredown’s wide variety of bedding options includes bedding sets, premium comforters in breathable fabrics, and organic bedding that surely is an investment when maintained and cared for properly. Handcrafted with the utmost care and attention, our heirloom-quality bedding options are designed to endure many years of use. Visit our online store today!

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