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Our Guide to Layering Your Bed With Down Comforters

Our Guide to Layering Your Bed With Down Comforters

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. Therefore, it should look appealing, comfortable, and welcoming. When you have a well-made bed, it’s hard to resist the urge to jump right in, and when your bed looks like it was made by a professional, it’s even harder. Down comforters are soft, luxurious, and cozy, making them the perfect addition to your bed. With our simple step-by-step guide, let us help you create the perfect blend of bedding layers for you, including everything from choosing the basics to adding finishing touches.

Layering the Bed of Your Dreams

A luxurious down comforter is a “must have” for your bed. But, this layer is best paired with other layers so you can customize your comfort at night. Layering your bed also allows you to easily change the look of your bedroom by changing the look of individual layers or even moving them around according to your mood.

Picking the Right Sheets 

Falling asleep is a breeze when you’re tucked in with the right bed sheets. Understanding which sheets are ideal for you makes a difference when it comes to layering your nest of comfort. Bed sheets differ in terms of warmth, style, and feel. If you are a hot sleeper, organic cotton sheets that are breathable and soft will keep you comfortable through the night. For cold sleepers, soft flannel sheets are considered ideal. Both fitted and flat sheets are preferred as the primary layer of comfort.

Pillows and Pillow Shams

Using pillowcases and pillow shams to layer bedding will give your bed a luxurious touch. You can mix pillows of a variety of styles, shapes, and decorative elements to enhance the visual appeal of your bedroom. Arrange your bed pillows on the headboard, followed by Euro pillows with decorative shams. It is also possible to add smaller pillows to the bed to increase the height and comfort. If you want to create an inviting, relaxing bedroom, a symmetrical, coherent, and aesthetically pleasing arrangement is ideal. 

Quilts That Express Your Personal Style

Quilts are a versatile, multi-seasonal choice in bedding staples. They’re a beautiful way to add color and texture to your bed. They can be used as a lightweight layer during the summer, or as an insulating layer in the winter. Whether you prefer simple patchwork designs and muted colors, or bright patterns with bold hues, there is an option for every aesthetic.

Down Comforters for a Touch of Luxury

A cozy, fluffy comforter is the ultimate addition to your bed. You’ll never want to sleep under anything else again once you’ve experienced the comfort of a down comforter. Down comforters provide a soft, luxurious experience that you will enjoy right away. Breathable and lightweight, down comforters keep you warm while gently comforting you to sleep.

Layer your bed with a lightweight or a heavyweight down comforter according to your preference. You can also add a duvet cover of your choice to spruce up your bedding ensemble. Duvet covers are so versatile and easy to use that you can switch out your style every season, or even every week! To give your room a fresh new feel, try solid duvet covers with fun accents, or go for a bold floral or a classic stripe pattern.

Don’t Forget a Statement Throw Blanket!

Throw blankets are the perfect way to add color and design to any space. When you’re watching a game, snuggling up with a book, or simply lounging around the house, a throw blanket is a reliable option for adding warmth, style, and comfort. For a more relaxed look, drape it casually across the bed, or fold it neatly and place it over the edge for a more minimalist appearance. Either way, a throw blanket is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of bedding arrangements.

Create the Perfect Night’s Sleep With Puredown

A beautiful bed doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes the right layers, comforters, sheets, and pillows. At Puredown, we take the guesswork out of finding your perfect bedding pieces by sourcing only the highest quality materials in chic, timeless designs that let you customize your bed just how you like it. Whether you prefer a cool or warm sleep, rely on us to help you find your perfect bedding configuration. Visit our online store today to check out our wide selection of trusted, high-quality down comforters, pillows, blankets, and much more!

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