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RDS: Setting the Standard for Responsible Down

RDS: Setting the Standard for Responsible Down

Down is a unique, soft, and warm insulating material. It’s made from fine and fluffy waterfowl plumage like geese and ducks. Down is a natural insulator, the ultimate material for keeping you warm. While we love down filling, there’s a growing concern regarding the humane policies of collecting it. We must ensure that our precious friends can continue to provide for us without being harmed in the process.

The ethical collection of down from birds is a highly regulated process with strict codes of practice. This ensures that animals are treated humanely, and healthy down is provided for your use. A leading certification, Responsible Down Standard, ensures a transparent supply chain for bedding and apparel manufacturers. In this blog, let’s get to the heart of what the Responsible Down Standard is.

Understanding Down Insulation

Natural down consists of the fluffy layer found beneath the feathers of waterfowl, such as geese and ducks, which provides exceptional insulation and warmth. Natural down is used to make down fill for bedding and apparel. A three-dimensional cluster with fine filaments extending in all directions constitutes down fill. It has a dandelion-like structure. The clusters help down-filled bedding trap air and provide remarkable insulation.

Down is the product of natural processes and doesn’t rely on fossil fuels or other environmentally damaging practices. It is also a biodegradable product that is a great alternative to synthetic materials.

An Overview of the Down Industry

It is important to understand the importance of animal welfare in industrial practices. Living beings are vulnerable, and we, as humans, have a responsibility toward them. Animals used in various industries, such as meat industry and dairy production, fishing, and entertainment, are put through an immense amount of stress when they are captured or bred for various purposes.

In recent years, animal welfare activists have become increasingly concerned about the down industry and its reliance on live plucking and force-feeding for feathers, a practice that is neither humane nor efficient. Several practices have been established over the years, and at present, that put stringent laws upon farms to ensure that these cruel practices of procuring feathers are ended.

Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is one of the leading standards that has established several rules and regulations to ensure that no birds are harmed during the process of collecting down.

Responsible Down Standard

The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) is the world’s leading independent third-party certification body for responsible down sourcing by the textile exchange. It is the goal of the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) to promote the development of animal welfare standards in the production process of feathers and down.

The Responsible Down Standard promotes the use of down and feathers from birds that have not been subjected to physical abuse, chemical baths, or painful live-plucking.

The RDS allows certification of the following:

  • Down and feathers sourced from animal-welfare-compliant farms;
  • The textile products should contain at least 5% certified feathers and down. It is important to note, however, that finished products can only be labeled RDS Certified if 100% feathers and down is certified.

All aspects of the production chain are included in the RDS, including:

  • Breeding and raising birds.
  • Process of obtaining and processing feathers (selection, dusting, deep washing, removing excess water, and drying).
  • Production of garments and textile products.

PuredownPro: Kind to You, Kinder to the Planet

We’re committed to bringing you the warmest comforters and pillows on the market—and we’ll ensure they’re as gentle on the environment as they are on you. We comply with all regulations set by Responsible Down Standard and encourage traceability throughout our supply chain so that our down comes from farms where the humane treatment of animals is encouraged.

As a bedding manufacturer, our goal at PuredownPro is to provide comfortable and warm sleep solutions at an affordable price. Our vision is to give you a premium sleep experience within your budget. We take into account all of the small details that make up your sleep environment and invest heavily in research and development to ensure high-quality products reach your doorstep at a fair price. Visit our online store today to discover the extensive range of certifications our products have earned.

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