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The Basics of Storing a Down Comforter

The Basics of Storing a Down Comforter

The perfect goose down comforter gives you not just plenty of warmth and comfort but also elegance and luxury. Made with good quality of materials, it is filled with fluffy down feathers that wrap around your body in a warm, gentle embrace, offering proper insulation in colder months or in a colder climate. However, to make the most of this luxurious and long-lasting investment, you need to store your lofty comforter the right way when you put it away for the summer. We have some tips for proper storage that can help increase the life of your down comforter and keep it looking fresh and fluffy for years to come!

Maintaining a Down Comforter

Keeping your down comforter in a good condition ensures years of comfort and support. Follow the laundering and care instructions on the comforter label to maintain its loft, softness, and durability. It is essential to clean down comforters carefully, and an organic mild detergent can do this without harming the filling. The safest cleaning method is to have your down comforter professionally laundered by a trusted dry cleaner.

Storing a Down Comforter

When it comes to down comforters, proper care is key. Proper storage will help extend the life of your down comforter and ensure that you enjoy its warmth for a long time. Lack of proper storage conditions often leads to mildew, critter damage, and dust mite infestation. Follow the directions on the label when caring for your comforter and ensure your entire comforter is fully dry before storing it.

Ensure It Is Kept Dry

The best practice is to store your down comforter on a dry closet shelf with plenty of ventilation. It is recommended not to keep down bedding in basements or other places that may accumulate moisture. 

Pack in a Breathable Cotton Bag 

Since down comforters are prone to damage from moisture, it is recommended to store them in breathable cotton storage bags instead of plastic bags. In addition to being a lightweight and breathable cover material, cotton promotes good air circulation. To keep your comforter clean, fresh, and ready for winter, pack it in a breathable cotton cover bag, linen closet, or carefully wrap it in a cotton sheet to ensure year-round use.

Keep Heavy Items off Your Comforter

If you use down comforters only on a seasonal basis, it is recommended not to stack heavier weight items on top of them. Keeping extra weight items on your comforter for an extended period can damage the fill and affect its ability to retain the loft. 

Puredown: Your Reliable Companion for a Lifetime

Your down comforter is a luxurious investment made with high-quality construction, which is why you need to take care of it so it can provide you with years of warm comfort. One way to keep your down comforter pristine and maintain its comfort is by using duvet covers. Duvet covers come in a dozen colors and patterns that not only help protect your comforter from spills, dust, and tears; they also add a design element to your bedroom ensemble. You can attach the duvet cover to the duvet insert with the help of corner loops or corner ties. However, it is recommended that you take your duvet insert out of the duvet cover or comforter cover before storing it away.

Handcrafted with the utmost care and attention, Puredown’s heirloom-quality luxury comforters and bedroom essentials are designed to endure many years of use. In order to make sure you get the most out of your quality material bedding, we have created detailed care guidelines on how to maintain and care for your down comforter.

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