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The Delights of Sleeping Under Heavy Weight Down Comforters

The Delights of Sleeping Under Heavy Weight Down Comforters

The second you feel the luxurious warmth of a down comforter, it will become your new obsession. One you’ll want to share with everyone in your life. The more people sleep under one of these beauties, the more they rave about it. Puredown’s line of comforters is filled with nothing but soft, natural down to keep you warm and comfortable all night long. But if something so fluffy isn’t convincing enough for you, we’ve got a blog dedicated to showing you how our line of heavy-weight comforters is in fact, the gamechanger!

The Decadence of Luxurious Heavy Weight Comforters

Experience unsurpassed warmth and comfort as you snuggle under a heavy-weight comforter on a crisp, chilly night, and you will never want to go without one again. A heavyweight down comforter is ideal for individuals who live in colder climates or in areas that are perennially cold. Bedding is an investment, and it is important to take a few factors into consideration before you make a commitment. Let’s run you through some common factors that you should consider in order to make the most out of your luxury purchase.

Picking Your Perfect Weight Winter Companion

While there are many factors that you might want to consider when shopping for bedding, fill power and fill weight are paramount when shopping for comforters specifically. These can determine the appropriate warmth level and weight option that will suit you best.

Fill Power

Down insulation is the lightest, most compressible, and best heat-retaining natural filling for bedding. Durable and long-lasting, down offers exceptional loft and warmth in a compact size, making it perfect for any season. You’ve probably heard of fill power when considering down bedding.  Down filled products are made of down clusters, a three-dimensional cluster with fine filaments extending in all directions. Fill power denotes the size of down clusters in a fill. Larger clusters of down represent higher fill power. Fill power can also be understood as the measurement of space a single ounce of down occupies.

The relationship between warmth and fill power can be explained as follows: a comforter with a higher fill power will have bigger down clusters, and bigger down clusters trap more air, which increases the insulating properties of the cluster without adding extra weight. Fill power is a good indicator of the quality of down and you can usually find it listed on premium comforters. However, fill power is not the only factor that determines the warmth provided by a down comforter.

Fill Weight

Down fill power gets all the buzz, but there’s just as much to consider when purchasing a down blanket. Fill weight, or the total amount of down stuffed into a comforter is something to keep in mind—especially if you find yourself chilly at night. It will help you understand how much warmth you can expect from a comforter. Fill weight indicates how many ounces of down are inside the comforter.

Puredown Recommends

From a cozy down comforter to a plush duvet and everything in between, we’re obsessed with all things bedding. If you’re looking for a comforter to warm up your winter bedding, we’ve got a few of our favorite down-filled options ready for you. We love their silky softness, breathable fabric that easily regulates body temperature, and of course, the cozy look and feel they bring to a bed!

Puredown Luxury White Goose Down Comforter

Experience heavenly comfort and an improved natural sleep cycle with the Puredown Luxury Goose Down Comforter with 800 Fill Power. Shelled in a soft 700 thread count 100% cotton cover material, our heavy comforter features baffle-box construction which keeps the filling evenly distributed, avoiding shifting or lumping. This heavier weight comforter features a quilted diamond-box pattern or pinch-pleat design that elevates the elegance of your bedroom décor. Four corner tabs on this premium goose-down comforter facilitate the effortless anchoring of your favorite duvet cover.

This soft and luxurious white down comforter is a delightful experience for cold sleepers, during winter months, and for people living in areas with colder climates.

Puredown UltraFeather Comforter, Duvet Insert or Stand-Alone Comforter, Machine Washable

Your quality of sleep will be unsurpassed with this down-filled comforter that’s expertly crafted with a 233 thread count cotton cover, which is a natural material. The duvet filling is an ideal combination of 80% feather fiber, 15% waterfowl feather, and 5% white goose down, giving you an unprecedented warmth and luxurious softness that leads to a night of restful sleep. This comforter with corner loops is processed an extra step to remove the solid feather quill, making it softer and fluffier than normal down feather comforters.

Our heavy-weight comforter is crafted with a baffle box construction to provide uniform fill distribution, preventing lumps and eliminating cold spots. An ingenious gusset design gives the heavyweight range a loft of exquisite beauty. The corner ties on the bedding comforter make attaching it to the duvet cover effortless. The feather comforter is lined with white corded piping, which reduces fill leakage and gives it a tailored appearance.

Luxury 800 Fill Power Comforter White Goose Down Comforter for Winter 100% Cotton Cover

Luxuriously soft and amazingly warm; it’s time to get cozy. The Puredown Goose Down Luxury Winter Comforter will change the way you feel about winter nights. This 800 fill power heavyweight comforter is shelled in a 400 thread count 100% cotton cover that promises durability and incredible softness. This goose down comforter features a baffle box construction that ensures that the fill is uniformly distributed. The comforter weight is ideal for winter nights, making it the perfect choice for cold sleepers or when the temperature at night is cold. This goose down comforter is also great for people who stay in colder climates or chillier climates.

Puredown: Quality You Can See and Feel

As you start preparing for the winter chills, drape your new comforters with warm flannel duvet covers for an extra layer of warmth on cold nights and to match your décor with the perfect winter aesthetic.

With a touch of warmth in its softness, Puredown comforters have become an heirloom quality bedding staple for many households. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures in style, comfort, and warmth with Puredown’s plush down comforters. With a myriad of colors, sizes, and weight options to choose from, Puredown comforters are designed for your bedroom with years of blissful sleep in mind.

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